Men's Winter Accessories

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Winter Hats, Scarves, & Gloves for Men

Cold weather accessories are here at Express, from the chilly days of fall to the freezing days of winter, we’ve got you covered. Forget about the practically of winter gloves, hats and scarves for men, use these accessories to up your style this season.

How to wear a scarf for men?

Men’s scarves can be tied many ways for practical, yet fashionable style. First, pick a scarf made with wool if warmth is your ultimate goal. Second, if your winter coat is a neutral color, here’s your chance to add in a fun pattern or bright color to your winter wardrobe. Third, tie your scarf and grab some other winter accessories to complete the look like gloves and a winter hat.

How to tie a men’s scarf?

The simplest way to tie a scarf is to first, fold in half lengthwise. Then, hang it around your neck and pull the loose ends through the folded end. Lastly, pull tight so the scarf doesn’t blow away in the cold-gusty winds. This method will not only keep you warm on cold winter days, but looks very put together.

Where to buy men’s gloves?

You can buy men’s gloves, in addition to all your must-have winter accessories at Express and From gloves to scarves, hats and beanies, Express is your one stop shop for all things to make you warm and looking good this winter.