Belts & Suspenders for Men

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Mens Belts & Suspenders

Men’s belts and suspenders serve so much more than a functional purpose. They can take your look from simply suitable to polished and sophisticated in a cinch. Our skinny and solid suspenders help create a sleek, fitted look worn with a Photographer or Innovator suit, 1MX dress shirt and narrow, skinny or bow ties - whatever look suits your personality. Genuine leather belts for men never fail to add the right degree of finish to professional looks. For a style that can shift easily from formal to casual, or simply from one color or texture to another, our reversible 2-in-1 prong buckle belts are any easy accomplice for mens dress pants, chinos or stretch jeans. Our plaque buckles range from sleek, geometric designs to trendier etched plaids and inlaid patterns, demonstrating that you care about how you look down to the finest detail. Whether you prefer to wear them with formal suiting or your favorite casual looks, anytime men’s belts are what’s called for, Express has a stylish answer.