EXPRESS Petites Let Your Tailor Down Easy Text


We designed a collection specifically for 5’4” frames & under.

Womens Petite Dress Pants

1 - Shortened rise

2 - Reduced waist, thigh & knee width

3 - Shortened inseams

Womens Petite Skirts

1 - Reduced waist & hip width

2 - Shorter length


Womens Petite Jeans

1 - Shortened rise

2 - Reduced waist, thigh & knee width

3 - Shortened inseams

Womens Petite Dresses

1 - Narrow waist

2 - Shorter length




Rewrite the rules of dressing for the job.

The new rules of work wear; Wear loud colors


Red is fall's most eye-catching color. Break up
the monotony in bold hues from head to toe.

Womens Petite Clothing
Womens Petite Clothing
Skirts should be whatever length you choose


This season, the new power suit is actually a skirt.
There's a look for every length.

Suits should have personality


Rethink the way you wear suits.

Womens Petite Clothing


Petites are here at Express! Find your favorite styles and trends that perfectly fit and flatter the 5’4” and under frame. This season’s hottest trends including dress pants, skirts, jeans and dresses all with a reduced waist,
thigh and knee width, shortened inseams and shortened rise. With so many options, are you having trouble putting an outfit together? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help with just that! 

Do: v-neck tops, high waisted jeans or dress pants, ankle boots, and fitted tops. 

Don’t: oversized accessories, big bold patterns, thick belts, and midi skirts. 

Take a tip from style influencers, pair a just-the-right length cardigan with jeans and funky accessories, or dress pants and a blazer for your 9-5. With so many new styles for the season and these tips and tricks,
you’re sure to love the Express petites collection!