Womens Petites Collection
The Petites Collection

Designed specifically for 5’4” and under frames.
Let your tailor down easy.


Womens Petite Jeans; Reduced pocket size; Shortened rise; Higher knee placement; shortened inseam

Petite Jeans

Womens Petite Dress Pants; Shortened rise; Higher knee placement; Shortened inseam

Petite Dress Pants

Womens Petite Dresses; Raised neckline and armholes; Raised waist placement; Shortened length

Petite Dresses

Womens Petite Jackets; Raised neckline and armholes; Long sleeves 2 inches shorter; Shortened length

Petite Jackets



Play with Proportions

Lower dress necklines and three-quarter
sleeve jackets create a lengthening effect.


Legs for Days

Higher-waisted everything works
wonders to elongate your silhouette.


Size Up

Make sure to size up when switching
from short/regular fit to petite.

SIZE CHART; BUST XXSP 000P-00P 29.5-30.5; XSP 0P-2P 31.5-32.5; SP 4P-6P 33.5-34.5 MP; 8P-10P 35.5-37; LP 12P-14P 38.5-40.5; XLP 16P-18P 43-45.5; WAIST XXSP 000P-00P 22.5-23.5; XSP 0P-2P 24.5-25.5; SP 4P-6P 26.5-27.5; MP 8P-10P 28.5-30; LP 12P-14P 31.5-33.5; XLP 16P-18P 36-38.5; HIP XXSP 000P-00P 33.5-34.5; XSP 0P-2P 35.5-36.5; SP 4P-6P 37.5-38.5; MP 8P-10P 39.5-41; LP 12P-14P 42.5-44.5; XLP 16P-18P 47-49.5


Petites are here at Express! Find your favorite styles and trends that perfectly fit and flatter the 5’4” and under frame. This season’s hottest trends include dress pants, skirts, jeans and dresses. These styles have a raised waist, shortened inseams and a shortened rise.

What height is petite clothing for?
Our petite collection is a line of clothing created for those with smaller frames of 5’4” and under. Here, you won't have to worry about those jeans being too long or a midi dress looking like a maxi dress. We're so excited about our petite clothing, including petite dress pants, wide leg jeans and bodysuits!

Where to shop for women's petite clothing?
Check out Express for petite clothing to fit your shape. Shop this collection of products for petite sizes from XXS to XL or 00 to size 18. Stop taking all your clothes to the tailor and buy your clothes ready to wear with shortened rises, inseams and sleeve lengths with petite sizes at Express. With so many options, you'll never have trouble putting an outfit together again.