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The Best Summer Suit Styles for All Occasions

It used to be that wearing a suit in the summer was…not every guy’s idea of a good time. The fabrics were sweaty. The fits were restrictive. And the styles were old-fashioned and fusty. But men’s summer suiting has come a long way. Thanks to smart tailoring, lightweight fabrics and a low-key approach, men’s summer suits are dripping with style. They’re easy to wear, ideal for events formal and less-so, and absolutely excellent for pictures. Ahead, our guide to the best summer suits for men right now, along with tips on how to wear them. Suit season starts today.

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How do I wear a summer in the summer?


The art of comfortably wearing a suit during the hottest months of the year comes down to fabric and color. You’ll want to opt for a suit in a breathable fabric like brushed cotton or seersucker. While both offer plenty of ventilation, the raised puckers on a seersucker suit lend just a skosh more ventilation, meaning it’s great for summer’s stickiest days. A technical fabric that adjusts and breathes is also a modern option with a sleek and polished appeal. All of the above will let you maintain your style without suffocating.


As far as color goes, the lighter the better, as darker hues will attract heat. Soft, light neutrals—like gray, cream or tan—are all great options that will see you through in-office days and date nights alike.  

What kind of suit do I wear to a summer wedding?


If you’re really going to be somewhere hot, hot, hot, linen may be your only option. Of course, this isn’t the linen from your mom’s tablecloths. Today, linen is blended with other fabrics like cotton, rayon or polyester, making the weave softer, more durable and more rumple-resistant. So sure, start with it freshly pressed, and then stop worrying about creases and wrinkles. In the end, that’s part of the charm. And didn’t you know? Dancing shakes out deep folds and rumples in no time.

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Have fun with color.


Sure, you are permitted to invest in a single summer suit in a medium gray tone that you can wear to work events, formal events and weddings for every season of your life. But just one. The rest of your summer suits should reference the season in fun shades. A light blue suit will get more wear than you might imagine. Every guy looks great in a crisp white suit—picture it layered over a tropical print shirt. And real men wear pink suits, full stop. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a colorful summer suit. The point is that you get one, and that you enjoy wearing it.

How do I style a suit in the summer?


The most classic first layer would be a breathable button-up like our classic 1MX. And for professional commitments and events with an air of formality, that’s definitely your best choice. But if you’re wearing a suit to a summer wedding, you can have a little more fun. A loose rayon shirt in a fun print. A performance polo in an unexpected color. And easiest of all? T-shirts are great under summer suits, worn with fresh white sneakers and ready to dance into the sunset.

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Don't forget the finishing touches.


Your summer suit is a social kinda guy. He doesn’t want to go at it alone. So do add accessories, like patterned ties, colorful bow ties, sunglasses or even pocket squares. Even at the fanciest events, summer suits are less fussy than fall or winter styles. Everyone—including your suit—wants to kick back and enjoy the season.


You don’t need us to school you in the supreme versatility of a good pair of kicks. For the summer months, white sneakers are a go-to for suits (a black sneaker with white soles could work, too). And unless you’re headed to a black-tie wedding, you’re going to want to skip shiny, formal black shoes and instead look for brown or cognac oxfords or lace-ups. Better yet, find loafers with a little personality, like a two-toned pair, or ones with sharp details like hardware or tassels.