Achieve the Model Off-Duty Look With Our Editor Pant

Achieve the Model Off-Duty Look With Our Editor Pant

It’s 2:30PM on a Tuesday, and your favorite model is picking up an iced coffee when they’re caught by the paparazzi. Their hair is up in a nondescript bun, eyes shrouded behind sunnies and yet, their outfit is nothing short of perfection. It’s that certain combination of caring/not-caring that makes the model off-duty style so covetable for the rest of us. Happily, a single piece in your wardrobe—our decades-famous Editor Pant—can help unlock dozens of model off-duty outfits you probably already have. The flat-front trouser has a closely tailored look and stretch-infused fabric that’s ultrasoft. Choose the leg shape that’s right for you—bootcut, flare, straight or skinny—and then find the rise that you’re after. Then, you’re off to the races (or at least the coffee shop).  Ahead, ideas to upgrade your editor pant to model off-duty status, ASAP.

Add a white top.


The first rule of thumb for dressing like a model off-duty? Don’t try too hard. (We promise Kendall, Gigi and Hailey aren’t, either.) To that end, the simplest pairing for a sleek Editor Pant is your favorite white top. A silky Portofino blouse would look polished tucked into a high-waisted cut. A crisp white button-up in a slightly looser fit could have a low-key appeal. 

Express Womens White Top
Express Womens Blazers

Go big.


An oversized blazer is a great way to play with proportion. Be mindful when picking an oversized blazer that it isn’t too enormous. The hem should never fall lower than the line of your fingertips along the sides of your legs, and the body of the blazer should still have a fitted waist. Rolling or pushing your sleeves upwards helps tailor the look a bit, and if you’re trying to be extra cool, try draping the blazer over your shoulders, cape-style.

Pop a crop top.


A cropped shirt from our Body Contour collection is the perfect accent for a high-waisted Editor Pant, adding a trendy and relaxed addition to the more polished trouser. A white crop would offer a stark simplicity while black provides a streamlined and sophisticated vibe. The unfettered look is the perfect canvas for your favorite extras—great earrings, a handbag or a tangle of necklaces. 

Express Womens Crop Top
Express Womens Bodysuit

Bring on the bodysuit.


Another essential model off-duty staple from our Body Contour collection? A perfect bodysuit—either long-sleeved, short or tank. A bodysuit means you don’t have to worry about tucking or styling, the clean lines have an effortlessly cool silhouette all on their own. Add a belt to draw the eye to a nipped-in waist, or a blazer for a dash of professionalism. Feeling weekend cool? Try a crossbody bag or fanny pack. 

Go low.


In its heyday, the Editor Pant was a polished workday staple. And it still is. But know what would make it completely cool? An unexpected pairing from the weekend side of your wardrobe, like an oversized hoodie, a bulky sweatshirt or a slouchy tee. Your favorite oversized sweater brings new life to the reliable Editor Pant. The mix of the two styles gives an easy look a jolt of welcome creativity. 

Express Womens Editor Pants
Express Womens Sneakers

Just say no to heels...


On-duty models spend enough time in heels that when it comes to their downtime, it’s sneakers or bust. A flat white sneaker pairs especially well with a swishy Editor Mid Rise Flare Pant, while a Editor Super High Waisted Straight Ankle Pant could work with a chunky running shoe. Comfort is queen no matter which way you go.

Unless you want to say yes.


The best rules are made to be broken, and yes, models wear heels on the weekend, too. A cropped Editor Pant would be a great way to show off your favorite pair of heeled booties. And if you’ve got a pair of heels you feel comfortable clomping in, by all means pair them with a sleek trouser and go. 

Express Womens Heels
Express Womens Jackets

Raid the coat closet.


Running errands for the morning? A great jacket—denim, moto, puffy—is a detailed piece with an oversized proportion that pairs great with the Editor Pant. A statement jacket is both eye-catching and easy, whether you’re going with a slouchy trench coat in the spring, or a leather bomber midwinter.