Men’s Wedding Guest Attire: What to Wear Based on the Season

No one’s love story is the same—and neither are their weddings. With wedding season approaching, it’s especially important to consider all factors. (But not get bogged down while doing so. Remember: Weddings are fun!) Maybe you’re going to a spring wedding of your best dude from college. Or maybe you’ve got a summer wedding on the books for a second cousin twice removed. No matter the season, level of formality or intimacy of the celebration, there are a few rules of thumb that can make getting dressed a cinch. Ahead, our best rules for being a best-dressed guest for any wedding occasion. 

Spring Wedding Suit

As the season of new beginnings, spring is a particularly apt season for a wedding. But it also brings particular challenges. The couple-to-be could be blessed with a bluebird day or drenched in rain; the lawns could be dotted with crocus or swampy with mud. As such, a guest needs to dress accordingly. 



Rather than digging into a full-on summer fabric (linen, seersucker, cotton, madras) or relying on heavy wool or tweed, a lightweight wool or polyester blend is a great choice for unpredictable temperatures. And feel free to go with a mid-range color like dove or chambray. Navy could also work since it’s dark enough to appear formal, but lighter and classier than basic black. 



If you do go with navy, brown or black accessories will both work. They’re both dark enough to wear at night but colorful enough to shine in the day, too—especially handy for events that start in the afternoon and creep to the wee hours. 



There’s also something a bit jaunty about spring, so this could be the time to try out a pastel tone like pink, sage, or robin’s egg, and to layer on lighthearted accessories like a bow tie, a pocket square or a patterned tie. 


Express Mens Wedding Guest Attire
Express Mens Wedding Guest Attire

Summer Wedding Suit

There’s nothing quite like summer weddings—the sunshine, the blue skies, the cool breeze—and they’re especially transcendent if you’re dressed appropriately. (You don’t want to be the dude sweating through their suit jacket before the vows have been exchanged.) And nor is warm weather an excuse to dress down. 


Do opt for a suit in a breathable fabric like linen, brushed cotton or seersucker, and feel free to seek a lighter tone like tan, shale or light blue. A technical fabric that adjusts and breaths is also a modern option with a sleek and polished appeal. All of the above will let you maintain your style without suffocating. 


Let’s add a note about linen, too. If you’re really going to be somewhere hot, hot, hot, it may be your only option. Start with it freshly pressed, and then stop worrying about creases and wrinkles. In the end, that’s part of the charm. And didn’t you know? Dancing shakes out deep folds and rumples in no time. 


Now comes the fun part: what lies beneath. Dress a seersucker suit down with a light-colored linen sweater. (It helps the look feel less costume-y). If you’re going with a khaki suit, you’ll want to kick the formality up a notch. Try layering it over a smart shirt and finishing with a pocket square. On a particularly steamy day, you could even get away with dress shoes and no-show socks, or a fresh pair of white sneakers. 


Of course, you might not even need to wear a suit to a summer wedding. Flat front chinos in a great summer tone would look excellent with a navy blazer and a crisp button-up. And you don’t need to wear a button-up, either. A casual polo shirt would be great for a chill weekend wedding. 

Fall Wedding Suit

You don’t need us to tell you fall wedding style is all about texture and tone. Let’s start with the texture. Just say yes to herringbone, windowpane or glen plaid—all of which are low-key enough not to upstage the groom, but not so ho-hum as to be a snooze. Another option? A wide wale corduroy suit to keep you warm in crisp temperatures but not have you overheating on an unseasonably sunny day.


Most of these wool-blend suits will show up in neutral tones like slate and chestnut, with accents of piney green and deep navy, so you can have a little more fun with your shirt. A French-blue will bring out the best in muted tones. Autumnal hues like garnet and burnt sienna are also unexpected shades that provide a welcome nod to the changing seasons. 

Express Mens Wedding Guest Attire
Express Mens Wedding Guest Attire

Winter Wedding Suit

The sun sets earlier and the temperatures plummet,meaning winter weddings are moodier and more formal by design. If you’ve got a tux: Go for it. Or consider a sharp black suit with a crisp white button-up and bow tie underneath. (And yes, black shoes are your only option.) For winter, wool is your only option, which actually makes things easier considering most suits are, in fact, wool. 


For particularly chilly venues, it’s appropriate to a layer a merino wool or cashmere sweater underneath, and consider a lace-up oxford, which can stand up a bit to snow and slush. You’ll want to avoid suede shoes, which would likely get wrecked.