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How to Style Sweater Polos

What do you wear when you’re looking for something a little nicer than a t-shirt, but still cool and comfortable? Enter the sweater polo. A cross between the classic collared polo and your favorite soft sweater, this wardrobe staple has the proven ability to effortlessly elevate any outfit.

“The sweater polo is the style hack that more people need to take advantage of. It looks clean and put-together without much extra work. I love them for their versatility.”

–@iamdanielvictor, Express Creator

Mens Sweater Polos

It’s no wonder the popularity of the knit polo continues to grow—and with its extreme versatility and season-spanning wearability, we’re dubbing it the new style basic. Read on to find answers to some commonly asked questions, along with tips on styling men’s sweater polos for every occasion.

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Are sweater polos business casual?


They definitely can be, depending on how you style them! Sweater polos are a great style solve for in-office days or work events, as they add a touch of sophistication. We recommend choosing a darker hue and pairing with chinos or dress pants and smart sneakers or dress shoes. Feel free to take things up a notch by throwing a blazer over top.


Do you tuck in a knit polo?



That’s entirely up to you. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, opt for a knit polo with a looser fit and let it hang over your jeans. Or, tuck in a fitted polo to pleated trousers (you can add a belt as well) for a vintage-inspired ’fit worthy of your favorite A-listers.



Express Mens Sweater Polo

What do you wear with a sweater polo?

Mens Jeans

1. Introduce your jeans to new knits.

We all have those moments where we just want to

throw on a t-shirt and jeans and call it a day, but

why not swap out that tee for a knit polo? With no

additional effort, you’ll instantly look more polished

and put-together. Try a textured, neutral-toned polo

paired with dark wash slim fit jeans, and then finish

the look with minimal sneakers.

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2. Mix and match with tailored


Our five-star suiting is made to be worn your way,

every day, for any occasion. And in the cooler

months, styling blazers and suit pants gets even more

fun when you can add in layering. Create a tonal look

by pairing your knit polo with Modern Tech Suit pants

in a matching hue. Then, top with a blazer or mix

things up with a leather jacket if you’re headed out.

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3. Play with different textures.

Who said being materialistic was a bad thing?

Luxe knit polos work especially well paired with

other soft fabrics, and you’ve got endless

possibilities depending on the season. For

example, you can layer a cotton-blend sweater polo

under a lightweight suit in the warmer months, or

team a heavier long-sleeve polo in a textured knit

with flannel or corduroy pants when it gets colder.

Mens Sweater Polos

4. Keep your options open.

Classic sweater polos are a must for every guy’s

closet, but don’t forget about their full-placket and

zip-up counterparts. These greatest knits offer even

more styling flexibility to match the outfit vibe you’re

after. Try a striped sweater polo halfway buttoned to

leave room for a chain necklace or two, or wear it all

the way open over a solid tank tucked into relaxed

dress pants or chinos.