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Suits 101

For some guys, a suit is a near-daily go-to. The item he turns to each morning for a pristine and professional look. For others, it’s an occasional upgrade, a sartorial way to mark and honor life’s best moments and achievements. In either scenario, one wants their suit to fit perfectly and look excellent—neither of which are easy to achieve. Ahead, our definitive guide to finding a suit that fits your frame and your lifestyle, once and for all.

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Find the right fit


Every suit in your closet should fit you perfectly. It shouldn’t feel baggy or overly tight,
anywhere, and the hems of both your jacket and pants shouldn’t drag or ride up. In-
stead, opt for a jacket that lies smoothly against your back when it’s buttoned. If you
reach behind or above you, that button shouldn’t feel like it’s going to burst off, either.
Keep in mind, though, no matter how many buttons your suit has, fastening just the top
one is standard. If you are solidly built, a jacket with double vents may allow the jacket
to hug closer to your frame; a single vent provides a slimmer, more streamlined fit.

The cut of your jacket should follow the line of your body, with a slight taper just below
the ribs. Ideally, the seams of your jacket will fall along your shoulders; those with
smaller frames might appreciate a bit more padding. Your lapels should lie flat across
your chest, and if you notice them flopping or bulging, that’s a good indicator that your
acket is either too big or too small. Another handy guideline? If you’re wearing a tie,
the knot should fall right along the notch of your lapel.

As for sleeve length, it may be a bit shorter than you’re used to, as you’ll want some of
your shirt’s cuff to show when your arms hang naturally to your sides.

Like most pants in your closet, suit pants should sit at your natural waist, just below
your navel,  and fasten readily without any major effort. The fabric should be loose
through the leg but not bulky, and the break of your pant, or the crease that forms in the
fabric when you’re standing upright, should cover the tops of your shoes but not puddle
over them completely.

Our extra slim, slim and classic fit suits offer varying fits, depending on your prefer-
ence, with the extra slim having the narrowest shoulder, lowest waist and most fitted
thigh. Someone with broader shoulders and athletic legs would appreciate the relaxed
fit of our classic suit. Our slim fit provides a modern middle ground.

In all of this, let the mirror be your friend: The goal is that you look and feel amazing in
your suit and that it enhances your feeling of confidence. If you aren’t feeling it, try
something else.

Decide what kind of suit you need.

It’s not that you need dozens of suits in your closet. But you may need a few that vary in fit, fabric and formality. Ahead, three suits that might serve you best.

Express Mens Wedding Suits

Wedding Suit

More than anything, it’s the color, tailoring and fabrication that can elevate an everyday suit to one special enough to wear on the big day (or someone else’s big day). Black, navy and gray suits are all excellent for walking down the aisle. A formal tie, crisp undershirt and natty shoes also help bring wedding day vibes.

Express Mens Casual Suits

Casual Suit

There are a few ways a suit can feel slightly more casual. Playful colors, like a soft pink or a rich burgundy, will still look dressed up, but add a welcome irreverence to certain occasions. Likewise for a plaid or windowpane suit, both of which look dapper, but wouldn’t be at-home at a black tie event. Of course, the fabric can make a difference, too. Linen, khaki and even jersey knits can offer a low-key appeal.

Express Mens Formal Suits

Formal Suit

A very dark suit with a white shirt, solid dark tie and black shoes feels formal and appropriate for somber affairs, like appearances in churches, courts or executive functions.

Finesse the fabric.


Traditionally, suits were made of wool blends that would withstand stains and weather—but required special laundering. Now, though, the options are seemingly endless. Our knit suit offers a breathable fabric, while our modern tech suit is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant with a bit of stretch. In the summer, one may prefer a cotton, linen or seersucker suit, while a wool or wool-blend suit would be welcome in chilly winter months.

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