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Shopping for a Blazer for Women

Blazers may have originated as workwear staples, but today, a blazer is an essential piece in any woman’s everyday wardrobe. Worn with trousers and heels, you can take a blazer to the office, suit-style. Pair it with a white tee and lived-in boyfriend jeans, and suddenly you’ve got the perfect weekend wear. However you choose to wear a blazer, though, fit is essential. We have you covered with the ultimate guide to women’s blazers, including fit, fabric and color, plus tons of great styling ideas.

Find Your Fit


Whether you’re going for a classic tailored blazer or an oversized boyfriend version, there are a few fit rules you can follow. The seam of the shoulder should fall exactly at the slope of your shoulder, although it’s okay if it edges slightly beyond. (If the seam is closer to your collarbone, though, the blazer is too small.) The lapels should lie flat, and when your arms are at your sides, the sleeves should just cover your wrist bones but not graze the backs of your hands. You should be able to button the blazer easily—even if you don’t plan to wear it that way—with no tugging at all.

Express Womens Blazers
Express Womens Boyfriend Blazer

Just like a traditional cut, a boyfriend blazer could be single or double-breasted, but it’s loose through the torso and length. You also might opt to wear the sleeves rolled or pushed upwards. Be mindful when picking a boyfriend blazer that it isn’t too oversized. The hem should never fall lower than the line of your fingertips along the sides of your legs, and the body of the blazer should still have a fitted waist. A boyfriend blazer is a great option to drape over your shoulders, too.

Express Womens Cropped Blazer

While a blazer is a tailored piece, it shouldn’t fit like your favorite hoodie. However, if the shoulders, lapels, buttons or sleeves need to be adjusted with wear, consider sizing up or down. A cropped blazer can flatter those with a shorter stature, and someone with narrow shoulders might appreciate a longer silhouette.

Express Womens Blazers

Finesse the Fabric


Traditionally blazers were rendered from fabrics like wool, tweed and twill, and if you’re committed to a dry cleaning routine, you can still find and wear them in those fabrics. But the modern blazer makes use of updated fabrics for more versatile fits. Our iconic Editor blazer is made from a blended fabric with a hint of stretch, giving it plenty of structure and polish—in a machine washable option.

Depending on the season, one might consider lighter or heavier options. A linen or cotton blazer is an excellent summer option, and can be worn with skirts, slip dresses or belted with skinny jeans. For a luxe wintery vibe, a velvet blazer is another choice piece, and it sings next to similar elevated fabrics, like satin. For a more downtown appeal, opt for a leather blazer, which looks cool contrasted with flowery dresses, or edgy with a little black dress.

Chase the Rainbow


There’s a point in time when a single black blazer with sharp details was all you needed. But we’ve come a long way. Yes, you need a black blazer, but if your wardrobe leans more casual, a navy blazer with gold buttons might have a preppy appeal you’ll want to reach for. If you wear blazers regularly, warm colors like hot pink, cherry red and sunny yellow can infuse daily basics with a fun pop of color. Neutrals like white, tan and gray can find a home in nearly every wardrobe, especially in lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen.

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Express Womens Suits

Well Suited


If you’re wearing a blazer as a suit, invest in pants with fabric that matches exactly. Try our Editor blazer with our Editor pant, or a novelty fabric like plaid, sequins or velvet with the coordinating set. When it comes to suiting, match similar pieces to nail the look. After that, the styling is up to you. A crisp button-up or drapey blouse is your most formal option, while a cami or bodysuit is more comfortable and contemporary. The more accessories you add—necklaces, earrings, strappy sandals, sneakers—the more fun the look becomes. And for a night out, a blazer and trousers can be worn solo.

Weekend Warrior


So, how do you wear a blazer? The styling is endless. Wear your most tailored blazer over a dress to contrast the silhouettes. Try a cropped jacket over a sheath dress for a nod to ’60s mod. We also love an oversized blazer with jeans or shorts, ideally styled with your favorite heels.

Express Womens Blazers