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Featuring reality stars Madison LeCroy & Ciara Miller.

The Bodysuits with all the Buzz

The Bodysuits With All the Buzz

"Express' vast array of affordable bodysuits come with nearly 600 five-star reviews."

Your Rotating Cast of Versatile Favorites

Madison in Seamless; The fabric is unreal; the perfect top for every day

Madison in

"The fabric is unreal. The
perfect top for every day."

Ciara in Stretch Cotton

Ciara in
Stretch Cotton

"The perfect sculpting effect
in all the right places."

The Girls Who Love to Go Out

Ciara in the Cut-out Dress

Ciara in the
Cut-Out Dress

"It's sculpting, smoothing
and defining."

Madison in the Sweetheard Neck dress
Ciara in the Cut-out Dress
Madison in the Sweetheard Neck dress

Madison in the
Sweetheart Neck Dress

"This dress was made for me and
showing off my figure."

Obsession-Worthy Colors for Instant Confidence

Womens Body Contour

The Most Flattering Fabrics on the Planet

Womens Stretch Cotton Body Contour

Stretch Cotton

Lightweight, sculpting
fabric for an instant
confidence boost.

Womens Seamless Ribbed Body Contour


Ultra-stretchy, ribbed
fabric with no side seams
for your smoothest fit yet.

Womens Compression Body Contour


A lighter level of
smoothing, just enough
to hold you in.

Womens High Compression Body Contour

High Compression

Our most body-shaping
fabric for ultimate

Easy, Effortless Styling Inspo