Cargo Shorts


Men's Cargo Shorts

The saying work hard and play hard couldn’t ring more true. Yes, putting in your best at the office for Monday through Friday is extremely important. So is having some time to kick back and relax, and focus on yourself. For those days when you need some time to yourself, or out with friends, try our mens cargo shorts. They’re made with added utility in the design, and a comfortable fabric weave that will have you wishing every day was the weekend. Our cargo shorts for men are available in light gray and khaki, two great neutrals that are low-maintenance and easy to pair with just about anything. With all the extra storage pockets, these are perfect for a warm day at the theme park, as you can easily carry your wallet, keys, and cell phone. For those days when you’re doing some home renovation, they’re perfect for storing tools in the pockets, that way you know exactly where everything is. Mens cargo shorts are an effortlessly cool style that needs to be a little rumpled. So get up, wear them out around town, and enjoy your weekend. Add a pair of sneakers and a short sleeve polo to complete the look.