My Cinema Lightbox; Create words to live by; Your own personalized messages up in lights.

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Personalizable LED Sign from My Cinema Lightbox

What's better than the perfect gift? A gift with the perfect message. A lightbox is a fun, affordable gift anyone will love - and one you can personalize. Arrange the letters to say "Happy Birthday," "Congrats," or "Dream Big". My Cinema Lightboxes come in different colors and sizes that fit right on a bedside table.

What is a cinema lightbox?
Just like the famous old theater marquee signs, cinema lightboxes are LED boxes with letters that slide in to create a message. You've probably seen a few of them outside gas stations showing prices, local convenience stores with a funny message or theaters listing different shows playing. A modern take on the classic, My Cinema Lightbox created mini versions that can sit on a desk or table, displaying personalized messages.