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Neon Light Signs from Amped & Co

It's important to spice up the ambience of your home every once in a while, especially with sleek, modern touches. Home decor is always fun to shop for and Express has just what you're searching for. Shop neon lights and felt letterboards that bring bold light, creativity and style to any room.

Where to buy neon lights?
Express sells neon lights and neon boxes that are designed, manufactured and distributed by one of our favorite brands, Amped & Co. With cool designs like pineapples, hearts and lips, you'll add an instant glow to any bar, room, desk or home.

What is a good gift for a friend?
If you're looking for a cool, unique gift that won't break the bank, Express has neon signs, felt letterboards and neon boxes from Amped & Co. Neon lights are handcrafted from real glass and bring a bold glow to any room. Or, you could go for a letterboard with a special message on it, like "Happy Birthday" or "Congrats on your engagement". Letterboards and neon signs can hang or fit on pretty much anything and come in different sizes and shapes to choose from. Get ahead of your gift giving this season by checking out the trendy designs and home decor that anyone will love.