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Why Your Last Purchase of the Season Should Be a Bold Color Suit

Why Your Last Purchase of the Season Should Be a Bold Color SuitIn this day and age, you probably don’t need to wear a suit to work seven days a week. Even we can admit that that’s probably for the best. But don’t let the loosening of the menswear reigns convince you that it’s OK for a pair of chinos and a button-down shirt to be the dressiest items in your closet. For one, in case you didn’t hear what your mama told you all those years, you look great in a suit, twice as handsome as you do in sweats—even the tailored ones. For another, there’s no rule that states your suit has to be styled to look like you’re going on a job interview.

Chinos are great and all but eliminating suits from your style arsenal is just bad for business. That’s because in 2017 you have the freedom to bring as much energy to your tailoring as you do your sneaker collection. For example, who says your suit has to be the standard navy, gray, or black? Turn the volume up on the color and all of a sudden, a whole world of sartorial possibilities opens up. We’re talking “right this way sir”, “have you thought about a career in X”, “I had a really nice time tonight” vibes. Power player energy.

To help you get the wheels turning, here are some unconventional colors we encourage you to try. Most are marked down thanks to our end-of-season sale which means, yeah, you can go ahead and get two. After all, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner.



Mr. Saturday Night: Deep Burgundy

This rich, romantic color works for the office, the cocktail lounge after work, and even into the wee hours of the night. We especially love it with a merino wool crewneck in the same hue and a pair of ultra-shiny dress shoes.



Sky’s the Limit: Bright Blue

You know your way around a classic navy blue suit. Now it’s time to turn the volume up with a richer, brighter hue. The beauty of this one is that it still reads as classic, even though you’ll pop out from every crowd while wearing it. We like it with a crisp dress shirt buttoned all the way up, sans tie.



Military Cool: Khaki Green

This down-to-earth color is proof that you can rock unconventional tailoring even if you aren’t a menswear peacock. We also love the versatility of this shade. Throw a black T-shirt underneath and it’s moody enough for winter. Switch to a white tee come spring and you’re walking on sunshine.



The Color of Money: Emerald Green

This color is cool and confident in all the right ways. Wear it with a black turtleneck and a pair of Chelsea boots to really amp up the slick-guy vibes. For something a little less flashy, a darker green crewneck and bright white sneakers are a fun spin.



Retro Vibes: Chocolate Brown

We know what you’re thinking: brown suits haven’t been cool since the ‘70s. That’s where you’re wrong, friend. While yes, the color does have a little bit of retro swagger, styled with sporty basics, it’s got modern-day Instagram god written all over it. Bonus points if your eyes match the suit.