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What to Wear to Work Right Now

What to Wear to Work Right Now

Don’t get us wrong: Hard work, good ideas, and conviction are going to get you ahead in your career, not clothes. But does looking just as sharp, creative, and strong as you feel help your cause? Absolutely. All day long. Don’t doubt it for a second. That’s why we set our sights on designing the office wardrobe to end all office wardrobes this fall. We wanted to make clothes as stylish and smart as the women who shop at Express, so we did suits in CEO red instead of interview-ready gray, blouses in stripes bigger than Wall Street paychecks, and polished coats that help you nail your elevator pitches (or those intimidating silences). Ladies, we have a good feeling about this one. Suit up and see what happens, then report back. We love to see how you rock the look.

Red-Letter Days

Red isn’t just a universally flattering hue, it’s also the color of energy and power, so we say triple down on the move. Red suit, red belt, red heels, all at once, and then later, broken up. (Gotta keep them on their toes.)

LEFT TO RIGHT: Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer, Slingback PumpsHigh Waisted Skinny Pant

Show Your Stripes

The days of blending in are over—it’s time to let your individuality shine in bigger, bolder spins on classic patterns like stripes and dots and pieces that feel more like you.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Stripe V Neck Jumpsuit, Slim Fit Striped Portofino Shirt, Super High Waisted Side Stripe Pant


The Work-It Pant

Ditch your slouchy work pants and step out in skinny-fits that put your form on display. Curves aren’t against the office dress code—nor is walking through the office like you own the place.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mid Rise Extreme Stretch Skinny Pant, High Waisted Cropped Skinny Pant, Mid Rise Side Stripe Columnist Ankle Pant


Pencils Up

The pencil skirt is still a workwear staple, especially if you let it out of its basic, neutral shell. A bold color like emerald green, or material like leather can change everything.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Belted Front Slit Pencil Skirt, High Waisted Clean Front Pencil Skirt, Jacquard Pencil Skirt

Cover Your Bases

Whether you’re walking past your team or riding the elevator with investors, having a jacket that’s as on point as your office look is a move you won’t regret. Think: less black, more BOOM.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Oversized Tailored Knit Blazer, Jacquard Ruched Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer, Classic Double Breasted Trench Coat

Fierce Fridays

You’re allowed to let your guard down on Friday, just like everyone else. Does that mean letting your style game slip? Nah, not for a minute. In fact, this is a good moment to kick it up a notch.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mid Rise Ripped Stretch Skinny Jeans, Stripe Oversized Shaker Knit Sweater, Houndstooth Mini Skirt