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What to Wear to Watch the 2018 Awards Shows

What to Wear to Watch the 2018 Awards Shows

The first few months of the year are a time for annihilating your to-do list, organizing your life, and achieving your New Year’s resolutions. When you need a break to just let loose and laugh, the awards shows are there for some fabulous fun and megawatt glamour—and that’s why we love watching them year after year. Whether you’re planning a cozy night in or a proper party, at your place or a friend’s, we’ve got your style needs covered. Here, all the dates you need to know, and what to wear to watch the shows.


What to Wear: The Festive Viewing Party

Dressing up on a Sunday night is a tall order, but when you’re invited to an awards-season viewing party that involves cocktails, canapés, and a potential cameo from your crush, some Saturday night spice is in order. Luckily, we have a solve that’s couch-friendly and sexy at the same time: black jean leggings, a.k.a. the most flattering denim on the planet. Wear them with a pair of black ankle booties with a chunky heel and you’re in model-off-duty territory. To complete the look, we say go full Hollywood glamour on top. Our mesh star-print top and a rhinestone headband nod to the red carpet in a cheeky and way chic way. Your crush won’t be able to look away no matter who’s on stage. Except Beyoncé.



What to Wear: The Cozy Viewing Party

Planning on watching the big show in a slightly more low-key manner? Like with your BFF or your BF and your coziest blanket? Order some fancy takeout, pop open a bottle of champagne, and slip into the coziest viewing-party outfit in the world, which also happens to look like a million bucks (because social media); our high-waist athletic stripe leggings and satin hooded sweatshirt. This power combo may feel like pajamas but the leggings hug your curves like the best body-con dress, and the hoodie has just as much shine as a couture gown. If you’re watching the show at someone else’s place, throw on a pair of simple Supergas for the journey, and bring a Meri Meri’s sparkly star balloon kit as a cute gift for your host. It comes with six holographic balloons complete with pretty streamers on the end. Your Snapchat is sure to blow up.