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What to Pack on Your Next Warm-Weather Escape

What to Pack on Your Next Warm-Weather Escape

With a few cold, holiday-free months of winter staring you down, you might be thinking about booking a trip to a tropical locale, stat. (We feel you.) Whether you plan to sneak out of town for a whole week or just a couple of days, assembling a few stylish essentials for your trip will make the getaway that much more fun—not to mention ‘grammable. Here’s our list of what every beach-bound woman needs in her suitcase and why. Feel free to fill in the gaps with your own must-haves just be sure not to over-pack. Not having everything you need when you arrive at your destination isn’t the worst thing. Why? Because, remember, you can always go shopping when you get there.



The Two Swimsuit Rule

When you’re on vacation, it’s always helpful to have more than one swimsuit on hand so you have options. Pack a stunning high-cut one-piece for the pool, and a cheeky bikini for the beach—or whatever cuts you’re most comfortable in. Hand wash your suits in the sink at the end of the day using hot water and gentle soap, then hang them to dry overnight. Because day-after sand is never cute—or comfortable.



The Not-So-Covered-Up Cover Up

Sorry to say, your gym shorts and favorite old T-shirt are cramping your cute swimsuit’s style. Slip on a silky printed cover-up—the kind that’s a bit sheer so your suit shows through—and you’re the queen of the pool. Finish the look with stylish sunglasses and crisscross slides and you’re in movie-star territory. Just don’t be surprised if the paps start trailing you.



Build a Better Beach Bag

A well-stocked beach bag is the key to a relaxing, long-lasting beach day. First, you need a cute tote. Then add three pouches: one with sunscreen, one with your headphones, phone, wallet, and keys, and one for odds and ends like hair elastics and Evian spray. A change of clothes is the trick to making it to sunset cocktails without having to go home and change. Just roll a silky dress up into a tube and seal it in a plastic bag to keep it sand-free.



The Sightseeing Look

Dare to leave the comfort of your deck chair? You need an outfit that can stand up to adventure—and look cute in all the photos. We love a breezy pair of pants, simple tank, and slide sandals for a no-fuss, heat-friendly look that’s also quite elegant. Bring along your beach bag for souvenirs and essentials or keep your hands free with a smaller cross-body style.



The Night Out Look

You’ve washed off the sunscreen and slathered on the body oil and enhanced your beachy skin and hair with a few key beauty products, now it’s time for a heart-stopping outfit to seal the deal. A feminine dress is never a bad idea; something sexy but done in an easy fabric that works with the beachy locale. Choose your shoes based on your preference and your dinner reservations. If you can get away with it, a strappy heeled sandal is always chic.



Easy Pieces for all the Moments in Between

Of course, throwing some cotton basics in your suitcase is never a bad idea. Whether you’re getting a massage, checking out the breakfast buffet, or doing a little shopping, these easy pieces always come in handy. We especially love doing the matchy-matchy trend with tops, skirts, or shorts in coordinating colors or patterns. The uniformity ties the look together in a stylish way without adding an ounce of fussiness—what more could you want!