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Men’s Lookbook: Home for the Holidays

By: Stephen Ostrowski

Pulling off business formal and casual Friday fit? That’s easy (with the right guidance, of course). Acing an after-hours wardrobe? Not so straight forward, especially when the urge to unwind over the holidays can cloud your aesthetic intuition. Sure, well-worn staples, time-honored sweats, and lived-in basics are practically code for off days, but what’s cozy isn’t always what’s stylish.

Planning out a chic vacay wardrobe might sound like an unnecessary extra step, but it goes miles for lazy days, spirited nights, and the unavoidable family photo (because you really don’t want to give grandma reason to point out why you’re still single). Whether you’re flitting between social engagements or plotting out the perfect position on the couch, here are the best ways to check out while keeping your closet dialed-in.