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3 Fashion-Forward Ways to Wear Leopard Right Now

3 Fashion-Forward Ways to Wear Leopard Right Now

By: Lindy Segal

We’re feline like we need a little pattern this winter—and the only fix is more leopard. It’s true: We’re full-on addicted to the animal print. From jackets to sweaters to shoes, one-by-one, our wardrobes are being overtaken. But we have good reason: What was once considered a “wild” trend is pretty much seen as a neutral these days, thanks to tamed silhouettes and stylish pairings. Read on for our tips to rocking it all season long, from head to toe (literally).

Keep It Simple

The key to wearing leopard is pairing your statement piece—a pants, a sweater, or miniskirt, for instance—with something more muted. Basic (or not-so-basic) black or white is always a good standby—it lets the print take center stage. If you can’t resist a little color, try teaming with a jewel tone such as burgundy or teal.

Invest in Outerwear

A jacket is one of our favorite ways to try the trend—after all, it’s the main thing people will see you in all season. But there are still varying ways to incorporate the pattern, depending on how comfortable you are (and what you’re wearing). Case in point: Our moto jacket has a faux-fur collar that adds a touch of glam that dresses up the closet staple. Added bonus: It’s detachable!

And your go-to office blazer is about to get way more fierce. If you can’t get away with such a bold print at work, try it for your next girls’ night out.

Top It Off

If all you’re looking for is a flash of leopard, or just need a little something to spice up your look, try adding an accessory. Booties or a belt are classics, and they can make nearly any outfit feel elevated in an instant. Or, go for a belt bag for a cool, trendy twist.

And if you want to try something a little unexpected, go for a cold-weather accessory. Leopard earmuffs make even the bitter cold feel more bearable, while tonal pattern tights are a fun twist to classic black. And when all else fails, a scarf is the perfect throw-on for any outfit—and the perfect gift idea to boot.