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5 Sneaky Ways to Add Color Into Your Wardrobe

5 Sneaky Ways to Add Color Into Your Wardrobe

By Liza Corsillo

There’s nothing wrong with building a wardrobe that primarily consists of varying shades of navy and gray. After all, fewer style risks mean fewer style fails (not to mention time saved every morning). But while there may be safety in uniform dressing, adding a few well-placed pops of color to your closet will help you stand out from your style peers—in a good way. So now that spring has nearly sprung, what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with a more saturated and energetic approach to getting dressed? But don’t panic, we’re recommending you start small, sneaking color into your outfits like a sartorial Trojan horse. Once you reap the social rewards, however, you may not want to go back to neutral territory. It turns out that wearing green, as opposed to being green, is actually pretty easy.

Besides navy, gray, black, brown, and white, the menswear color spectrum has a few long-standing members. They are in no particular order: Olive green thanks to its ubiquitous military influence, deep burgundy from the robes of kings (and more recently your winter scarf), and sky blue as in your slightly less traditional Oxford shirt. Pink and yellow are slightly more gutsy but just as easy to incorporate. Here are five simple ways to get each one into your spring rotation right now.


Army Surplus: Olive Green

The best way to swap your standby navy or gray for green is by going all in on the military vibes. Our slim fit stretch olive chinos reference army fatigues, with a side of creative professional. Pair them with a flattering black henley T-shirt, suede bucks, and a handsome gunmetal watch.   


2018 Vintage: Burgundy Red

Deep reds the color of wine lend a vibrant sophistication to any outfit. Complement the rich tone of this merino V-neck sweater with some serious neutrals like black, white, and warm gray. Black denim, a buttondown shirt, and a sexy pair of Chelsea boots elevate the look to Friday-night-date status.  


Vacation on the Horizon: Sky Blue

There’s no better time to try out new colors than while on spring break—even if your vacation is actually a go-to-work-cation. This short-sleeve tropical button down can be worn by the pool just as easily as in the office. To dress it up for work, grab a pair of dark gray chinos and black monk straps. And to make every hour a happy hour, add a layered leather bracelet like this one in brown.


Impress Your Boss: Spring Pink

Working hard is good, but there are other ways to impress your higher-ups. One of them is by showing up Monday morning in a snappy new floral tie and crisp white shirt. Like socks, ties are the babiest of baby steps when it comes to taking fashion risks. And wearing one with tiny pink flowers will prove you’re not afraid to try new things, not to mention new colors. Do this every so often and your boss might decide you deserve a new corner office to go with your new tie.


Sunny Days: Golden Yellow

Yellow packs a powerful style punch, so look for it in small doses like the golden patches on this lightweight jacket. Keep the fit from leaning too casual by pairing it with slim dark denim, bright white leather low tops, and a hoodie so nice you save it for off-the-couch and out-of-the-gym activities.