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4 Ways to Wear All Black

4 Ways to Wear All Black

By Megan Gustashaw

Survey the style history of any well-dressed man and you’re likely to find a wardrobe built around simple clothes and easy combinations. That’s because having great style is a game of details, not grand sweeping gestures. Head-to-toe black, for example, can look like a revelation when everything is completely dialed in. Think clothes that fit well (slim but not skin tight) and outfits that go beyond a T-shirt and jeans (like luxed up sweats and tailoring). Here, we show you four sharp ways to make black stand out whether you’re heading to work, a party, or running around town. Take notes, stock up, never run out of things to wear again.

A slim-cut black suit is a staple every man should own, but you don’t always have to finish it with a white shirt and skinny black tie, despite what Hollywood would have you believe. A black shirt worn without a tie is a deeply cool move and one that’s perfect for this time of year, when holiday parties are coming on fast and furious. Just add champagne, and you’re Mr. Festive.


Business casual doesn’t have to be all about tan chinos and blue Oxford-cloth shirts. This look is polished enough for most offices and will take you straight to dinner too. We especially like the cozy fit, which takes the punk-rock energy out of all-black and gives it a more elegant, office-appropriate spin.


Life doesn’t get simpler or cozier on the weekend than double black sweats and black sneakers. Whether you’re hanging at home, avoiding the cold, or running errands and hitting the gym, this combination will keep you looking polished during the most laid-back moments of the week. Yep, black is sneaky like that.


All black is an excellent move on any night out, especially when you aren’t really sure where the night will take you. That’s because it lends a mysteriousness that allows you to blend in with any crowd in any setting, while still commanding attention—in the right way, of course. Think of it like a very trusty style wing-man. Dude is there to do nothing but prop you up.