Our Fave Mother's Day Stories


This Mother’s Day we asked you to share stories about hard working moms that deserve to be recognized. Your response was overwhelming. Below are some of our favorite entries. To all the mothers out there – go on, treat yourself this Mother’s Day!

“My gorgeous friend Danya is a single mom to her handsome son, Naser. She is resilient and tough as nails. Not only has Danya raised Naser solo since he was just a few months old, but she’s managed to put herself through an MBA program and has been working full-time while doing so (she’s graduating today!). Her mothering energy extends beyond her own family as she’s also recently started a non-profit to help children in foster care build their resumes and become career-ready. It’s an organization which was recognized with a $2500 award last week!”


“My mom is truly is amazing. At 85 years old, she swims, walks, and plays online games daily. She volunteers for the elderly by driving them to doctors appointments. My mom also sews curtains and upholstery and donates them to various charities. Throughout the year, she shops sales for household and kitchen items. At Christmas, she brings them to nursing homes as gifts. She believes people are busy with their own families and often the elderly are forgotten around the holidays. If you could only see the gratitude on their faces, it would warm your heart forever. My mom taught my sisters and I to live by The Golden Rule. We in turn, taught our kids the same thing. Her love transcends decades.”


“My mom deserves to treat herself because she is the hardest working mom I know. She’s one of a kind because of her unconditional love and strength. She always puts others first and has been there for her family, her children, her grandchildren and others. I am blessed to have the greatest mom in the world. When my father passed away a few years ago she was the one who stayed strong and kept our family together. I also thank her for my health today because I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and she stood by my side 24/7 and gave me strength. And unfortunately 3 months ago she had to go through a knee surgery replacement, and it amazes me how strong she has been through everything. My mom is my everything.”



PHOTO CREDIT: @d_mula_bby