Why One-and-Done Jumpsuits Are the Secret to Every Style Dilemma

Looking like a million bucks is easy-peasy when you have ample time to plan your outfit, steam out the wrinkles, do your hair and makeup, and tweak the styling in front of the mirror before you go. LOL, how often does that happen?! Yeah, we feel you, girl. For all of those infinitely messier, unexpectedly complicated, definitely-late-for-work days, we have a solve that works like a charm: the one-and-done jumpsuit. Wrinkle resistant, always flattering, comfier than PJs, and easy to style, there are so many reasons to jump (sorry) on the jumpsuit train. With layering season ending and sunshine in our future, it’s the perfect time to stock up on the do-it-all staple. Here, a few new jumpsuits from our Spring 2018 collection and which all-too-common wardrobe crisis they’ll help you avert. Or just make like the ladies at Express and buy them all so you always have reinforcements.


The Marathon Day Trip


The Challenge: You’re exploring a new locale and have no idea what the day will hold—or when you’ll be back at your hotel for a wardrobe change.

The Solution: A fluid floral romper that will take you from sunrise through sunset in comfort and style. Keep a well-stocked beauty pouch in your bag for mid-activity refreshes.


The Flurried Farmer’s Market


The Challenge: Sunday errands start off quiet, calm, and a little bit chilly. By 1:00pm the sun is blazing and the shopping crowds are closing in.

The Solution: A wide-leg, short-sleeve jumpsuit that’s covered up but still breathes when you sweat. A denim jacket and canvas sneakers keep the look easy.


The Overbooked Weekday


The Challenge: You’ve got three meetings, a work lunch, endless paperwork, and sexy after-work plans. Oh, and your alarm clock didn’t go off on time this morning. Ughhhhh.

The Solution: A solid-color jumpsuit with a nipped in waist and tailored leg. Just add heels and a blazer. (Remove said heels when you’re sitting at your desk.) (Remove said blazer as the night heats up.)


The Girl’s Day Out


The Challenge: A day of massages and shopping means you’ll be getting in and out of your clothes at least a half dozen times—and god knows where they’ll crumple once they inevitably fall off some chair.

The Solution: A wide-leg jumpsuit with a smocked back that makes changing a breeze and a bold pattern that hides all sins. Just add sandals!


The Last-Minute Date


The Challenge: Your crush texts you to see if you want to grab dinner in 30. You’re game but—wait—every pair of skinny jeans and cute dress you own is in the hamper. AND you still need to shower.

The Solution: A simple black jumpsuit that highlights your curves—and can be styled a million different ways, for a million different venues.


The ‘Gram-Happy Beach Day


The Challenge: You want to ham it up with your friends at the beach without every inch of your barely clothed bod showing up on social media later. Your dad will have a heart attack.

The Solution: A romper that has just as much color and personality as a bikini, but with slightly more coverage. Wear it over a black strapless suit for a coordinated look.