How to Watch Winter Sports in Style

Whether you’re cozied up on your partner’s couch, packed into the local pub with your friends, or watching a sporting event from slightly swankier environs, wearing an outfit that shows your team spirit is always a good vibe—and it doesn’t have to involve a foam finger or body paint either. Layer up in sporty (but never sloppy) basics done in shades that show who you’re rooting for and you’ll be comfortable, festive, and ready for that group shot too. Here, a perfect outfit for our ladies and guys out there looking to step up their style in preparation for the next big showdown.



For Her: Sporty Separates

Lean into the athletic vibes with stretchy pieces made for jumping up and down when your team scores (or wins, hits a home run, passes the finish line, etc). Bonus points for you if you manage to match your team. Lucky for you, we have over 50 team-perfect hues in stock right now (NBD).

As always, you can’t go wrong with skinny jeans and ankle boots but we also love the ease of a perfect tee, our Ponte knit leggings and Steve Madden’s futuristic sock sneakers. The effect is sporty, modern, and sexy too. Oh, and it’s super comfortable which we all know is key for game day (#nachos). To give the look a photo-friendly—and toasty warm—finish, pop our winter white puffer jacket on top. With its faux fur-trimmed hood and tailored fit it couldn’t be more flattering.



For Him: The Athleisure Alternative

Hoodies and sweatpants are cozy and all, but nothing is sharper than a crewneck sweater and jeans for game day—even when you’re just lounging at home. Navy collegiate stripes feel especially all-American, as do a pair of jeans that are a little broken in, like you’ve been playing flag football in them for years. Complete the look with a pair of simple white leather sneakers; ours have perforation on the sides for an extra-sporty finish. As for your coat, go against the sea of spectators in black and navy and opt for bright red instead. Not only will your friends be able to spot you in the crowd but—in our hooded puffer with a beanie thrown in for good measure—you’ll be toastier than if you were in bed under the covers. Now that’s a win-win.finish.


For Everyone: Rep Your City the Right Way

Red and navy blue are one thing, but what if your team colors are in the realm of orange, teal, purple, and the always-easy-to-pull-off gold? We’ve got three quick fixes for those head-scratching style moments. And no, it doesn’t involve hair spray-paint.


The Solid Tee

There are days when you just don’t want to think very hard about what you put on. Gameday is often one of them. When you’re in that space, it’s a T-shirt in one of your team’s colors and denim or sweats FTW. If you don’t happen to own one in, say, fluorescent teal, not to worry. For less than it costs to get a hot dog and a Pepsi at that overpriced stadium, you can pick up one of our pitch-perfect Express One Eleven tees in the color of your choice (seriously, we’ve got ‘em all). If you get a surge of motivation—and team spirit—feel free to take a Sharpie to the back to shout out your favorite player.



The Button-Down

Unconventional team colors are the perfect excuse to add a new shirt to your business casual wardrobe. Our garment dyed poplin button-down shirts for men and Portofino and City shirts for women come in a range of unconventional hues like, say, royal purple or burnt orange. Pick one up in your team’s hue, then add jeans and boots and you’re ready for gameday. Low-key gloat when you pick up your fantasy winnings at work the next week by mixing your button-down in with your go-to business casual gear. Boom.



The Jewelry Add-On

Dealing with silver or gold? Keep your outfit rooted in a base color like black or white and add a piece of jewelry that nods to your team’s metallic hue. A gold watch looks great with a black crew-neck sweater and jeans, or do a silver chain necklace with a white T-shirt and jeans. Done and done. Remember: no one expects you to roll up in a metallic suit on gameday. There’s team spirit and then there’s spectator overload.