The Wool Topcoat is the Outerwear Staple You Must Own

Whether your style is classic or edgy, polished or casual, you need a wool topcoat in your life—or several. This staple businessman topper will make you look like a boss whether you’re wearing sweatpants or a suit, and can be layered up in a thousand different ways to complement your climate and personal style. Sure, when there’s a blizzard, you need a performance parka. And when there’s just a cool breeze, nothing beats the bomber. But alllll the other days of fall and winter? Topcoat. For. The. Win. Here’s everything you need to know to find the right one.


Nail the Fit—and Length

There are two ways to wear a topcoat these days. The Wall Street way is to buy one that’s cut slim—but not so slim that it can’t fit over a suit—and hits you just above the knee. The second way, beloved by musicians and artists alike, is a bit looser all over so it looks like a prize-fighter’s robe instead of a power suit. We’re into both options, just as long as the coat doesn’t extend past your knees and the sleeves don’t go beyond your wrists. There’s roomy and then there’s just too darn big.


Pick Your Power Color

Camel, charcoal, navy or black, you can’t go wrong with a strong, solid color. Pick the one that complements your wardrobe—camel if you own a lot of earthy colors, charcoal if your palette is more sophisticated, navy if you’re a bit of a prep, and black if you’ve got a minimalist streak—or collect them all for infinite styling options. Bonus points if you match your topcoat to your sweater for a monochromatic effect. Nothing elevates wardrobe basics like a uniform palette.


Know Your Layering Options

Once you’ve got your topcoat on lock, you need an accessory or two to really make it sing. A beanie or scarf in a bold color is always a smart move, or find a vintage lapel pin to make your topcoat look like an heirloom. If you live in cold climate, try layering a vest underneath to amp up your coat’s style—and warmth. Our quilted hooded vest will give your topcoat a sporty finish while our Sherpa vest lends an outdoorsy feel. Both are top notch.


Forget the Rules

The coolest way to wear a topcoat is to throw it over anything and everything in your closet, and not sweat the details too much. A topcoat thrown over sweats and sneakers couldn’t be cooler, or wear one over double denim for a luxe spin on the Western-inspired uniform. Pop the collar, let your sleeves stick out, and keep it unbuttoned when the weather permits; easy and comfortable is the name of the game here, guys.