The Secret to Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution: A Better Workout Wardrobe

If your New Year’s resolution involves a renewed commitment to your health, you aren’t alone. Between the decadent meals and spirited soirees, December can leave us all feeling a little less than healthy. But sticking with a workout routine during the coldest and darkest months of the year isn’t easy, especially when December’s indulgences are fully in the rear-view mirror. Our trick for staying on task? A killer playlist, a wide variety of activities, and, of course, a stylish workout wardrobe. Because while your ex-boyfriend’s favorite T-shirt and your oldest black leggings are great for Netflix binging, kicking butt at the gym requires active-wear that looks and performs better than your go-to couch gear. Here, is a list of new workout staples that’ll revive your gym kit in no time.


The Longline Sports Bra

Part compression tank, part sports bra, this longline workout top is the one-and-done staple your gym kit needs. Whether you rock it sans shirt or treat it like a base layer, you’ll wonder why you ever wore those itty-bitty sports bras in the first place.



The Peek-a-Boo Legging

The mesh panels and strategic cutouts on our workout leggings have two purposes: one, they keep you cool during even the sweatiest workouts and two, they look really good. Like, get-asked-out-at-the-gym good. Your old school yoga pants can’t do that.



The Breathable Crop Legging

Cropped leggings are the key to surviving your sweaty workout—and your freezing gym-to-apartment commute. Ours come in bold colors and patterns and with sexy mesh panels that’ll add style in the process.



The 2.0 Workout Tank Top

An artfully draped tank that flatters your already gorgeous form will not only help you nail the locker room selfie, it’ll also stay out of your way during your workout. With no sleeves to keep pushing up, and no hem to keep pulling down, you’ll be able to really get into the groove.



The Strappy Yoga Bra

For Pilates, barre, or yoga class, you might not need your tightest, toughest sports bra. A strappy bra has a softer, more comfortable feel, and also puts your gorgeous back on display during class—a bonus if you happen to have a studio crush.



The High Fashion Sweatshirt

When it’s freezing outside the last thing you want to do is trek out to the gym in nothing but your sports bra, a tank top, and your overcoat. Our high-design sweatshirts amp up your workout style and add all kinds of cozy comfort to your look in the process.



The Fancy No-Show Socks

Buying new socks isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but showing off your futuristic kicks without your mismatched ankle socks ruining the view is key. This sparkly style even looks good when you kick off your kicks at the end of a long workout.