The Pattern Your Business Casual Wardrobe Needs ASAP

Spring might be a few weeks (okay, months) away, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear head-to-toe black and gray until then. In fact, an upbeat color or pattern can do a lot to keep your wardrobe extra fresh while you await the first 70-degree day. This season our design team loved the idea of wearing florals to work as a way to shake up the 9-to-5 routine. They designed an entire suite of office friendly florals to make the process simple, including dapper Liberty prints and other small-scale motifs. Here, three unique, equally stylish ways to bring some flower power into your professional wardrobe before the leaves are even on the trees. Go ahead and indulge in all three. Your boss may not give you extra credit, but you’ll get props from us.



For Your Monday Morning Meeting: A Floral Dress Shirt

Leaving the cozy comfort of your bed on cold, dark winter mornings is never easy. Knowing exactly what you’re going to wear to work—and investing in a killer coffee setup—will help make the process slightly more tolerable. For an optimistic and stylish alternative to your everyday blue and white dress shirts, try wearing your work suits or trousers with a floral dress shirt for a fresh new look that only appears as though you put in extra effort. Just be sure to match the colors in the floral pattern to your suit or pants so everything feels cohesive. And keep your accessories simple! When it comes to wearing bold patterns at the office, less is more.



The Midweek Style Pick-Me-Up: Floral Furnishings

When you’re in the mid-week grind, it’s understandable to want to reach for your favorite no-brainer work clothes. Whether it’s a gray suit, white dress shirt, or a pair of chinos, these basics help you maximize your time getting ready so you don’t have to stay late on Friday. That said, a well-chosen accessory can really do a lot to make your work uniform way more exciting. Pair your business casual neutrals with a floral tie, pocket square, or pair of dress socks and—boom—your style just took a turn for the dapper. Friday will be here before you know it.



Casual Friday (and Happy Hour, Too)

Slide into the weekend with a slightly more casual, no less stylish, office look comprised of a short-sleeve floral shirt, coordinating trousers, and your casual Friday shoe of choice. A pair of black Chelsea boots are a slick option (especially if you’ve got dinner plans), while a bright white tennis sneaker will give your fit a sporty, happy hour-appropriate spin. What we love about these shirts in particular is the length, which allows you to tuck them in or leave them untucked depending on your mood, style, and off-duty status.