The Must-Own Shirt That Turns “Meh” Style into Street Style

By Megan Gustashaw

Of all the trends to sweep the menswear world over the last decade or so, the bold-print short-sleeve shirt is the one that’s done the most for guys. Sure, we appreciate track pants, and we love our Chelsea boots, but this do-it-all shirt has a way of turning every suit and pair of pants in your wardrobe into a proper outfit, all while being comfortable and incredibly easy to style, too. Whether you’re 19 or 99, a size small or more of a Big & Tall, this optimistic, undeniably cool staple belongs in your wardrobe. Here are four spins on the 2010s-era icon we love for spring, and why they belong in your wardrobe stat. (If you decide you want them all, and now, here’s the best part: They’re all buy one, get one half off.)


Strong Stripes in Soft Colors


Spring’s soft pastel tones get an assertive twist when done in bold stripes that demand attention. If you’re a suit man or love a good trouser and dress shoe combo for work, opt for vertical stripes that have an ‘80s Wall Street vibe. If your style is more casual and you live in jeans or shorts, try a non-uniform horizontal stripe which looks more at home at a music festival than in a boardroom.


Country-Ready Florals


Micro-floral patterns have a certain charm, whether you wear them buttoned up with a blazer and a knit tie, or open over a white tee and your oldest pair of blue jeans. If you’ve been invited to a rustic barn wedding, lake cabin or beach house weekend, or actually live in a rural area, this one is a must own.


Slick Black Patterns


Whether it’s a floral, stripe, or polka-dot motif, owning a patterned shirt that’s grounded in black is key for nighttime adventures. The beauty of this spin on the staple is the fact that looks cool in practically any venue. Dress one up with a suit and oxford shoes for the theatre, or wear it with black jeans and boots for a bar night, sleeves cuffed.


2.0 Hawaiian Shirts


You don’t have to be going on an all-inclusive vacation to rock a tropical print shirt in 2018. That’s because the tourist staple has been slimmed down for a more flattering fit and reimagined in prints that turn heads for all the right reasons. We love this bold shirt with chinos and sneakers for a laid-back weekend look. If you’re going to a beach wedding, try one under a blue or tan suit for a shot at the title of “best-dressed guest.”