The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Shoe Weather

By Liza Corsillo

Blisters, bad odors, and unsightly toenails are just a few of the things holding you back from your most stylish self this summer. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Any man’s feet, no matter how long they’ve been neglected, are worthy of a second chance. Sure they spend all day on the ground or under a desk and therefore are not your biggest concern. Still, those dogs are far from invisible to the friends and strangers in your daily life. In fact, your feet and the shoes you put them in say a lot about you as a man. So let us help you make sure they are saying something good. All you have to do is follow these five simple guidelines for happy and decidedly not gross summer toes.


Protect your heels and your dress shoes

What do you get when you mix humid summer temps with a fancy new pair of lace ups? Heels that bleed. Stiff new shoes rub against your heels and toes and even the mildest case of foot sweat amplifies the damage. If you don’t already have a box, go out and buy some Band-Aids to soften and prevent the blow. Because once that first blister has formed, you’ll have a harder time wearing-in your new shoes—because OUCH. Come to think of it, while you’re out shopping, pick up two anti-chafing sticks to further cut-down on bad friction. Keep one at home to apply (just like swiping on deodorant but on your feet) before leaving the house and another in your desk drawer just in case.


Get some sneakers that breathe

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If your feet are hot, the rest of you will be too. Bring your body temperature down a few degrees by switching to a pair of lightweight summer sneakers in canvas or perforated leather. Our slip on canvas sneakers were designed with hot weather in mind as evidenced by the micro palm trees adorning them. And the rows of tiny holes on our perforated leather sneakers are perfectly placed to cool the center of your feet. So you can say goodbye to swampy shoes—not to mention swampy smells.  


Wear socks, even if you don’t want them to be seen

Speaking of sweat, the extra layer socks provide keep your feet dry and your shoes from getting trashed or stinky. But we know how much you guys like the look of going sockless—we do too. So if you really must set those ankles free, we suggest a pair of no-show socks that act as a moisture barrier hidden from sight.  


Consider your surroundings before pulling on the flip flops

The first sandal day of summer is thrilling. However, be they flip flops or slides, your favorite sandals are still not welcome in every environment. We hope it’s obvious not to wear them to work (unless you’re a life-guard), but really they should only be worn at the beach or by the pool. Anywhere else and you risk the judging eyes of folks who know better. And whatever you do, never ever wear them on a first date.


Give pedicures a try

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Not sure if you would even like the feeling of a pedicure? We don’t know you, so we can’t say for sure, but we can say this: pedicures are the ultimate gift of self care. They turn rough old man feet into the little piggies of a newborn baby boy. Pro tip: Make sure you read the reviews before settling on a salon. Even better, get a recommendation from a friend. And if you’ve never had one we suggest saying yes to the callous remover and an extra foot massage. You’ll leave feeling brand new and ready for anyone to see your feet.