The Best Swimsuits to Get You Noticed This Summer

By Liza Corsillo

You’ve got at least three or four months worth of prime swimsuit wearing opportunities, so why settle for just one pair of swim trunks when you can diversify? Our advice: inject your wardrobe with a bright bold pair of trunks guaranteed to separate you from the bathing, sun-loving masses. Because going to the beach, hanging by the pool, or jet skiing the Gulf Coast (lucky you) is supposed to be fun, and your wardrobe should reflect that. Saturated colors, tropical patterns, and bold graphics not only put you in a vacation mood, they show the world (your buddies, your S.O., and your windsurfing instructor) that you, sir, are ready to chill hard.

The number one obstacle to summer style is confusing casual situations with no-effort situations. The beach or a pool may be one of life’s most casual situations but that shouldn’t mean they get treated with style apathy. Bringing the sartorial heat to a day of lounging is a boss move and one for which you’ll be majorly respected. Plus, with fewer than three clothing variables, it’s pretty hard to mess this outfit up. Start with a pair of tropical-print swim trunkspalm trees, large scale florals, or classic Hawaiian prints are winners. Now choose a solid color T-shirt or short-sleeve henley in white, gray, or blue (FYI light colors will keep you cooler). Lastly, pick out a pair of sandals, nice-looking flip flops, or canvas sneakers and a towel. Wearing a bold pair of trunks means the rest of your outfit can be pretty basic and better yet, crazy easy to put together as you run out the door.



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Luckily, poolside style isn’t just about abs. Though a six-pack is always a welcome accessory, it’s the clothes you wear that determine how much attention you get. Especially if those clothes include a cherry red pair of swim trunks that reveal a
bold floral pattern when wet. Magic pattern reveal trunks may seem like some novelty you’d be into as a kid, but that’s just cause kids know how to have fun. So go ahead, indulge in the nostalgia factor next time you shop. These striking shorts will have conversations flowing through the end of August. You can thank us in September.



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If you’re one of those guys with ironclad will power and an unnatural love of working out, you deserve ample recognition for the effort you put into sculpting a badass beach bod. So treat yourself to new trunks. Even if you faltered in February and it took you a week to get back in the gym, you still need a new swimsuit to show off—and flatter—your ongoing progress. Color blocking is a well kept fashion secret thanks to its knack for body-flattering visual effects—lighter brighter colors enhance and stand out, while darker ones diminish and lay back. If you’re not quite comfortable in a pair of short shorts, go for a wide horizontal-striped pair that darkens towards your knees. This pair gives you short-short confidence with the modest thigh coverage of a board short.



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While we’re on the subject of length, we’d be remissed if we didn’t include a brief PSA about swimsuit fit. Did you know that wearing shorts down past your knees will instantly make you look shorter? Or that trunks with back pockets too low will give you a saggy-looking butt? No matter how tall you are or how skinny, the rule of thumb with bathing suit length is somewhere between one and two inches above your knee. Do yourself a solid and try those suckers on, whether it’s in an Express store or at home, and swap out anything that doesn’t make you look your best. Now that that’s taken care of, you can get on to the important decision of how many tacos and margaritas to order.