The 15 Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day (and Who to Give them to)

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is one that celebrates your date without taking itself too seriously (that’s what birthdays are for). Whether you go small and thoughtful or big and romantic, Valentine’s Day should be fun. And that includes non-romantic dates, too! A sweet or silly gift for your best friend, family member, or someone who has simply had your back this year will put a smile on both of your faces. Tuck a note inside that shows you care and—boom—good vibes for the rest of the year.  

Here are 15 of our favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018 and who we think they’re perfect for. Throw some chocolate in the mix, maybe some bubbles (in the bath or your glass!) and suddenly February 14th isn’t a date you dread, but one you look forward to all year. Long live love!



For the (Finally) Facebook Official

Make it bedside table official, too, with a framed photo of the two of you. 

For the Broken Hearts Club

A flask will let you get the night started in solidarity and style.

For the Family Valentine’s Day

Kid friendly confetti will let you celebrate with Valentines of all ages.



For Your Main Man

These Cupid-approved boxers are the cute and affordable gift that keeps on giving.

The Main-Man Upgrade

Add a pair of matching socks to take the gift—and his style—up a notch.

For Your Rock God

He’ll wear it on your low-key date—and, with any luck, your 10-year anniversary.



For the Man in Black

Nothing complements black jeans and boots like our black amber and sandalwood cologne.

For the Workaholic

Remind him to make time for some romance with this subtly festive watch.

For the Man Without a Plan

Want to win Valentine’s Day? Surprise him with dinner reservations and a slick outfit to wear on your date.



For Your Queen

Give her the royal treatment with this sparkly choker, which can also be worn as a chic headband.

For the Life of the Party

Dance floor queens, party throwers, and extroverts need a piece of dazzling jewelry as fabulous as they are.

For the Love of Your Life

Our rose fragrance will make her feel loved every time she walks through the mist.



For the One You’re Still Getting to Know

A tough tank with a cheeky sense of humor is a V-Day gift that knows its place. Go twinsies for extra laughs.

For the Woman Who Deserves a Night Off

Nothing is more relaxing than cozy joggers, a bubble bath, and a glass of champs. [Cue a chorus of angels singing.]

For the Big Proposal

Planning to pop the question or make another important declaration? Start the night off right by offering her something gorgeous to slip into first.