4 Sweaters Every Woman Should Own

By Lili Goksenin

It’s officially sweater season! You know, the leaves are turning, the apples are ripe for the picking, and you can feel the chill in the air. The weather shift also means that you must reluctantly pack away your thin tees and tops (or at least relegate them to Layer Status) in favor of heftier fare. For some of you, the reemergence of your sweater collection might feel like a relief—finally, some new pieces to work into your rotation—but for others they signify that summer days are officially gone.

But, no matter which camp you fall into, there are four sweaters every woman should have in her closet (and then, by all means, build from there). These sweaters are versatile and stylish, and they’ll carry you from home to work and out on the town (and keep you warm, to boot!). See below for our four favorite sweaters, and four perfect ways to style them.

We’re big fans of the one-and-done piece, and while sure, you can’t just wear a sweater (you need pants, duh), it really is one of the easiest pieces in your arsenal. A casual, oversized pullover goes with jeans, pants, and skirts. You can tuck it, French tuck it, or wear it as is. Just make sure you play with proportions: skinny pants or a mini skirt on the bottom are ideal complements when you have volume on top.

Presenting: another oversized option that is versatile as heck. We’ve styled it here with cozy One Eleven pieces that are perfect for a Sunday afternoon on the couch with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. But this sweater is also a reliable layer that can be thrown on in a pinch with a work outfit or an LBD. Really, there are few things you can’t pair with this closet staple.

We love a ribbed, light knit for fall and winter because it works well with everything and is über-flattering. Worn tucked into jeans or under a sleeveless dress, it adds a layer of warmth without adding bulk. Turtlenecks are Parisian-chic and look particularly alluring in an unexpected color like marigold—this is a perfect weekend outfit for brunch and a museum.

You may have packed away most of your crop tops from summer, but the silhouette isn’t entirely gone for the season. An abbreviated hem on a cozy knit is one of our favorite unexpected looks during cooler months. For city-girl-meets-ski-bunny style, choose a chunky knit (cables are a plus) with roomy sleeves, a mini and boots. Or, go amazingly retro with high-waisted denim.