Staying-In Style: Valentine’s Day Looks Made for Lounging

If your plans for Valentine’s Day don’t require a dress and heels, it doesn’t mean you can’t nod to romance. Our Express One Eleven collection is stacked with pink and red pieces that that are comfortable, casual, sexy, and ever so low-key. Think: super soft graphic tees, curve-hugging loungewear, and festive accessories made for kicking back and enjoying a “I’m not crying, you’re crying” movie night. Here, are three perfectly unfussy, totally chic looks for your big night of doing a whole lot of nothing. Ladies with plans, peruse with caution: these outfits may just inspire you to cancel your date and spend some QT with numero uno instead.



Rom-Com Marathon with the Girls

If you’re Valentine’s Day plans involve chilling with your girls at home, this no-drama look is just what you need. It’s festive but do-nothing friendly, optimistic but not obnoxious.

Start with our Denim Perfect leggings which are engineered to flatter your curves while also keeping you comfortable. They’ll turn a few heads on your way to pick up takeout, and also feel like pajamas when you sink into the couch. A graphic tee with a cheeky phrase—our personal favorite: “Love Always Wins”—is in keeping with the low-key V-Day theme.

From there, it’s all about a few well-chosen extras that will keep you chic and warm. If your movie night could end with a champagne toast, or if you just want to look fly on your trip back home, our faux fur jacket and ankle booties will dress up your jeans and T-shirt without making too much of a fuss.



Hiding Under the Covers (and Maaaaaaybe Taking a Selfie)

If you’re flying solo on Valentine’s Day, make a night of it with a face mask, a killer playlist, and maybe an impromptu photo shoot.  Let your t-shirt do all the talking: “I’m busy” or “I’d love to but my dog said no” is all the caption you need if you post your spa-night on social. And these tees come in cuts and colors that go way beyond your old gym shirts. We’re talking Saturday night-appropriate stuff here.

This is chic comfort FTW. Our flattering flared lounge pants, playful socks, and a funnel-neck hoodie will collectively make you feel like you’re floating on cloud. Whether you’re dancing in your living room or watching TV under a pile of blankets, you’ll be giving Valentine’s Day style a good name—all without trying very hard. Talk about a win-win.



Sexy Night In

Maybe there’s a chance your solo night could turn into an impromptu sleepover. Maybe you and your partner are bowing out of Valentine’s Day together. Maybe you just feel like kicking the at-home vixen vibes up a notch because, why not? Whatever the case may be, part of the fun of staying in on Valentine’s Day is being able to wear whatever you want. High-waisted bicycle shorts and the prettiest-ever bralette? Yes, please! Just slip on some fuzzy slides and an oversize sweatshirt and you’re instantly an athleisure goddess and also the comfiest woman in town. You can always undress if things heat up later and, if all your doing is shaving your legs (or not, as the case may be), well, this look works for that too.