Our Graphic Tees Say It All

Between family visits, champagne-fueled parties, the doling out of end-of-year bonuses, and the self-reflection that the New Year brings, December can be a month heavy #feelings. Because expressing those feelings while pumped up with adrenalin (or cocktails) in person or on social media can be…complicated, consider letting a little steam off with a graphic tee that speaks your truth. Or at least lightens the mood, if only for your own benefit.

We always do graphic tees every season, but our current collection is especially heavy on them. We were inspired by the energy of ‘60s-era protest posters, ‘70s-era boundary-pushing fashion advertisements, and ‘80s-era street graffiti, among other outspoken moments in American culture. Our words, however, represent two things we stand for through thick and thin: the power of women to lead & inspire, and the soul-healing energy of having a good time. We hope you find a top that makes you smile—and gets your revved up to take on the day (whatever it may bring).

To get you started in your search for the perfect slogan, here are a few of our favorite designs on shelves right now, and when we think they’re perfect to slip on.

you-go-girl-graphic-teeWhen you could use a pep talk: “You Go Girl


optimism-is-a-lifestyle-graphic-boyfriend-teeWhen it’s going to be a long day at work: “Optimism is a Lifestyle

wild-rose-easy-graphic-teeWhen you’re going to a “Bachelor” viewing party: “Wild Rose

kiss-me-at-midnight-graphic-teeWhen you want to drop your crush a hint: “Kiss Me at Midnight

champagne-star-sequin-graphic-teeWhen you’re playing wingman and mood-lifter: “Champagne Star

just-for-love-boyfriend-teeWhen you’re on your first—or fiftieth—day date: “Just For Love

femme-fatale-graphic-teeWhen you’re fighting the patriarchy: “Femme Fatale

here-for-the-drinks-graphic-teeWhen you’re someone’s +1: “Here for the Drinks