Office Style Hacks for Over 100 Degree Days

By Liza Corsillo


Summer weekdays are a lesson in dressing for environmental extremes. You have little control over your own temperature, and yet you must bravely keep working, navigating two starkly different ecosystems in button downs and suit pants. First, depending on your mode of travel, you’ll be submitted to a humid hellscape where strangers drip sweat onto your bag, hands, and morning crossword puzzle—either that or a couple of hours in traffic under the scalding hot rays of the sun. As if that weren’t a big enough style challenge, once inside your office lobby you’ll be hit with a blast of cold air so efficient it immediately turns human sweat to ice. Now, try and find five days of outfits appropriate for these conditions. It may seem impossible, and you’re definitely going to sweat, but it doesn’t have to be a purely miserable experience. In fact, with the following hot-weather style hacks and our menswear summer favorites under your belt, you can vastly improve the way you look and feel Monday through Friday all summer long.


Ditch the Blazer Whenever You Can

It may seem obvious but eliminating your outermost layer of clothing is the first step to staying cool on days that are hot AF. But if your office requires that you wear a suit jacket opt for one made of cotton or linen that’s unlined. Even better, leave the jacket (or a cotton-linen blend sweater) at your desk for days when the A/C vents just won’t let up. Not having to wear it or carry it while commuting will help you in the sweat and frustration department too.


Embrace Patterns for Sweat Stain Distraction

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Pit stains (whether they’re from hot or cold sweats) are less obvious when veiled by a subtle spray of daisies or lilacs. So double down on this summer’s floral, striped, polka dot, and geometric prints. The seasonal patterns add zest to a bland office outfit and work like camouflage for minor stains (i.e. sweat, drops of beer, salad dressing, and toothpaste), but unfortunately they won’t work for bigger messes like wine or ketchup.


Get Comfortable With Short Sleeves

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When it’s over a hundred degrees out, every inch of clothing can feel like a fabric prison. So go ahead and free your forearms in short-sleeve button downs and polo shirts. Gone are the days where any office should be enforcing strict long-sleeve rules. So even if you have to put a jacket on top, your arms will feel 50% cooler.


Go For Lighter Everything

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Lighter weight fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk keep you cool by breathing with you, essentially letting cool air in and humid body heat out. But did you know that lighter colors work to keep your body’s temperature down as well? White polos, light gray trousers, and baby blue button downs reflect light rather than absorbing it so your bod can chill.