Beach-Ready Outfits You Can Wear from Sunrise to Sunset

By Megan Gustashaw

Summer’s longer days and more relaxed work vibe (we see you, Summer Fridays) means you get more quality time to chill with friends and family. It also means it’s entirely possible to leave the house in the morning and not return for 12, or even 24 hours later. To go that distance and still look great when you get back to your pad, you need two very important things: clothes that can “do both”—look good dressed up or dressed down—and layers that allow you to make key modifications as day turns into night, beach turns into bar. Here, two formulas for all-day-all-night success.

Beach Volleyball to . . . Sunset Cocktails

For a day that starts with spray-on sunscreen and ends with craft cocktails at a tiki bar, you need a solid pair of tailored linen shorts. Ours are comfortable enough for an afternoon in the sand or on the water but still feature tailored details—a slim leg opening and smart slash pockets—that set them apart from your typical drawstring trunks. Instead of neon-bright colors, they come in versatile shades of blue and gray with contrast lining that gives them a JFK-worthy finish.

To style the shorts for maximum hang time, start with a cotton tank top, flip-flops and sunshine-friendly accessories like a baseball cap or pair of shades. Then—let’s say your volleyball partner wants to grab a drink—throw a denim jacket on top and swap your sandals out for spare leather sneakers and you’re ready for happy hour. Bonus points if you’ve got some on-the-go facial wipes in your bag for a grooming refresh, too. These shorts can do a lot, but they can’t eliminate beach-nap face.

GET THE LOOK:  Striped Scoop Neck Pocket Tank, Flat Square Sunglasses, Distressed Denim Jacket, Low Top Sneakers, Linen Drawstring Shorts, Solid Flip Flops


Sightseeing to . . . a Backyard BBQ

Whether you’re discovering a new locale or exploring your own backyard (staycations FTW), nothing is more perfect for an OOO adventure than a pair of distressed denim shorts and a palm-print T-shirt. Slide on some flip-flops and throw on some sunglasses, and you’re ready to take Insta-ready photos in front of all the cool, random things that cross your path. Seriously, Boomerang to your heart’s content. Denim and tropical prints look cool in front of practically every backdrop.

When you’ve seen it all and you’re ready to grill out, sit back, and relax—whether in your hotel or your own pad—all you have to do is make two simple swaps. Change your sandals out for a sporty white sneaker and throw on a short-sleeve button-down shirt over your T-shirt. Less skin = a slightly more polished, nighttime-appropriate appearance. It also means not putting your neck sunburn on full display in front of your summer crush. That, friends, is what we call priorities.

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