5 Ideas to Steal from Fashion Week’s Most Stylish Guys

Photos by Kimberley Ross
By Max Berlinger

If you think that during Fashion Week all the action takes place on the runway, think again. The best place to get inspiration can be at the circus that surrounds the shows, where the seriously stylish attendees are all dressed to impress. From dapper tailored looks to more casual-cool attire, there are good ideas abound, all there for the taking. In fact, it’s the perfect place to find easy-to-execute, high-impact tips to incorporate into your own daily life, especially as we make the much-anticipated, but tricky-to-dress-for transition from winter’s frigid days to warmer spring days. Here are a few ideas of how to stock your closet. Just because you may not be headed to Fashion Week anytime soon doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you are.

mens-camo-parka-windbreakerThe Look-At-Me Coat

Men of style all seemed to agree on one thing when it comes to outerwear: the bolder the better. Luckily, there’s a bit of flexibility here, with patterns ranging from dapper houndstooth and checks to more casual camo and other bold motifs. A low-key look gets an instant upgrade when you top it off with one of these statement-making outerwear pieces and serves as a nice balance to boot. Now’s a great time to pick up an eye-catching, lightweight spring jacket option like a color-blocked windbreaker or — for those who like to plan ahead — a wintertime sale coat that you can stash away now and look forward to being your go-to when the mercury dips next year.


The Earthy Color Palette

We’re pretty sure your closet is already fully stocked with plenty of black, navy blue, and gray. And that’s totally fine! They’re shades that look good on a wide variety of guys and makes for easy matching on those mornings when you just want to get dressed and go. However at the men’s fashion shows, dapper dudes made a case for dressing outside-the-box, just slightly, by embracing warmer earth tones and neutrals. Rich colors like tobacco brown, forest green, and desert-y beige are still easy to pair with plenty of other hues, but they also provide your outfits with a certain visual richness and confidence that may have been missing before.


Brace Yourself

Think that your clothing is the only thing people notice? Not so fast, buddy. If there’s one thing to know, it’s that the smallest of details can have the biggest impact — especially when you’re personal style is on the conservative side. Take a handful of beaded bracelets paired with a suit, which may seem incongruous but actually help make your staid daily office uniform suddenly much cooler than it was before. Lots of guys at Fashion Week paired their traditional tailoring with a wrist full of strategically stacked bracelets, which added an instant bit of bohemian-chic street cred to their look.


Dressed-Up Denim

Long ago, denim was meant for weekends and off-duty dressing, but since Casual Friday has taken over the entire work week, denim no longer means you look like you’re bumming it. From dark indigo selvedge to distressed and faded, denim can be mixed with more formal elements — try laid-back jeans with a button-up shirt and tie or swap out your blazer for a jean jacket — for an instant hit of old-school rebelliousness. Because denim is so ubiquitous and comes in a wide-ranging mix of styles and flavors, there’s something for every guy, no matter his style.


Add a Pop of Color

If you want to get noticed, it’s time to embrace the big, bold color. From cherry red to traffic cone orange, men of style are layering in a brightly colored piece of clothing into their outfits to make sure they stand out from the rest of the crowd. While it may sound like an intimidating proposition, consider easing in by sporting your pop of color via a smaller accessory like a scarf, socks, or tie. Or if you do indulge in the flamboyantly radiant piece, like a neon sweater, layer it under a lower-key jacket to offset its more eccentric tendencies. Bold dressing is all about balancing out the extremes, and even the craziest items can look cool when worn in the right way.