3 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

When it comes to winter accessories an oversized, so-soft blanket scarf is as essential as a great pair of boots. While the scarf can’t make you magically three inches taller the way those beloved boots can, it has its own outfit enhancing abilities. Not only does it add warmth in cold weather—and overly air-conditioned spaces—but it also turns a meh outfit into something worthy of your Instagram, all without draining your bank account in the process (can we get a #yas).

For our Winter 2017 collection we designed our signature blanket scarves in sophisticated neutral colors that go with everything, as well as fun patterns that amp up your wardrobe basics. The best part: every scarf is between $35 and $40. Feel free to buy one in every color—we won’t tell.


To get your personal-style wheels turning, here of a few of our favorite ways to wear a blanket scarf. Show us how you’re rocking yours by posting to the ‘Gram with #expresslife.


For the Plane

Blanket, pillow, outfit-cincher; the blanket scarf is a travel essential.

We love the blanket scarf worn over joggers and a velour sweatshirt for the chicest-ever take on comfy airport style. Need a nap? Turn the scarf into a blanket or pillow. Spill some tomato juice on your shirt? The scarf is there to keep you looking on point—even when you and your clothes desperately need hot bath. Once you’re back at home, hand or machine wash and it’ll be like new again.


Office Freeze Out

How to look professional, even though your office is like the Arctic. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

Ladies, raise your hand if your office feels like an ice box 99% of the time? Yeah, we’ve been there. The thing is, wearing a blanket to your 2pm meeting with your boss—and her boss, and her boss—is the opposite of “dressing for the job you want”. To keep your look on point without turning into Jon Snow, wrap a blanket scarf around your shoulders instead. If you want to be extra strategic (and we know you do), keep a couple of them folded in your desk drawer so you always have one at the ready that works with your 9-to-5 vibe. Talk about creative thinking.

blanket-scarf-faux-leather jacket-women's-jeans-black-booties

Sexy Night Out

Wear your leather jacket out in December with this little helper—because parkas sometimes kill the vibe.

While the blanket scarf is great for work and travel, don’t relegate it to your daytime wardrobe entirely. Wear it with a slim-cut leather jacket, your favorite jeans, and boots and you’ve got the perfect look for date night. Think: hot chocolate and ice skating, dinner and the Best Picture-contender, or some old school holiday-season karaoke. Of course, if your locale calls for, um, warmer date-night gear, throw the blanket scarf over a wool topcoat and you’re in an equally chic, and infinitely warmer place.