Summer Suits for any Occasion


At some point in a guys life the moment arrives, when you’re looking down the barrel of endless summer weekends where you know you’ll find yourself in a suit for one event or another. Though the majority of these events tend to consist of weddings, falling squarely between graduation and Labor Day, you also have to take into account date nights, business trips and those summer cocktail parties where wearing a nice summer suit sets you apart from the crowd. Style aside, wearing a suit in the warmer months can be a tricky proposition. Follow these tips and you’ll stay cool no matter where the summer takes you.

When it comes to summer suiting, the trick is in the fabric. For evening events, go with a lightweight cotton blend in navy with a slightly slimmer fit. Hem up the pants so they reveal a little ankle, lending a little personality to your getup.

If you’re in for a morning or afternoon celebration, the trusted khaki two piece is the way to go. The lightweight fabric and its light color will keep you cool in the afternoon sun. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, or infuse it with a printed number, and you’ll look as fresh as you feel.