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What to Pack for a Wedding Weekend Other Than a Suit

What to Pack for a Wedding Weekend-Other Than A Suit

By Megan Gustashaw

Getting your suit and all of the accessories together for a friend or family member’s wedding might consume most of your sartorial energy, but you’ve got to pay some mind to the before and after outfits, too. After all, those bonus events are often just as fun and memorable—not to mention photographed—as the big day itself.

To make sure you’ve got a fit for every activity on the agenda without completely overpacking, stick with one or two colors, mostly solids, so you can mix-and-match on a whim. Whether it’s a change in the itinerary, an unexpected spill, or a dress code that takes you by surprise, wedding weekends are rife with style curveballs—it’s best come prepared.

Here, four common wedding-related activities and what to wear to each one. Blue and white is easy, classic, and especially appropriate for any type of coastal wedding, but feel free to go with your preferred hues.



Whether you’re heading to the airport straight from work or arriving at your destination just in time to make it to the welcome cocktail reception, dressing up for a day of travel is logistical as much as it is fashionable. Not that you need to wear a three-piece suit or anything; a pair of tasteful jeans (read: no rips or tears), spare white sneakers, and a classic Oxford cloth shirt checks every box.


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Casual Rehearsal Dinner

If the rehearsal dinner is more in the realm of a family-style BBQ than a formal sit-down meal, you don’t have to wear a suit. A pair of dress pants and a slim-cut polo shirt are respectful but comfortable at the same time. Finish things off with your trusty white sneakers instead of dress shoes to keep things casual but classic.

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Pre-Wedding Hang

Recover from night-before-the-wedding shenanigans and get the groom ready for his big day by wearing an outfit that feels like pajamas while being mother-of-the-groom (and Instagram) friendly. Think tailored joggers, a knit hoodie, and sneakers or a pair of flip-flops. You’ll be in your suit soon enough, no reason to overdo it at 10am.GET THE LOOK: Fleece Jogger Pant, Striped Hooded Sweater, Low Top Sneaker


Day-After Brunch


With any luck, by the time you roll up to the send-off brunch you’ll have made 47 new best friends and left it all on the dance floor. But don’t let your guard down yet: A meal involving lox and champagne requires something a step above sweats. Try a pair of white chinos and a printed short-sleeve shirt finished off with flip-flops and sunglasses for the perfect “bon voyage” vibe.


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