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Yes, Dresses Are Appropriate for Work: Here’s 4 New Ways to Wear Them

By Lili Goksenin

Ever look in your closet—at your collection of pretty dresses—and think to yourself Are dresses appropriate for work? You’re not alone. A floaty printed frock or a short sweater number can toe the line between work and play. (Suddenly that one-and-done piece you thought was so versatile seems pretty one-note instead.)

Well, we have some good news for you. Dresses, worn with a layer on top, or with the right accessories, are 100% appropriate at the office. Even the most formal workplace scenarios can accommodate a dress, which means your mornings just got that much easier. Just throw on one of these dresses, arm yourself with a coat and boots (and maybe some tights now that the temps are dropping) and walk out your door knowing you’re killing it in both the clothing and career departments.