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These Moves Will Make Your Suit Look Extra Fancy

These Moves Will Make Your Suit Look Extra Fancy

By Megan Gustashaw

Every man looks great in a suit, but just how great is a matter of how dialed in the details are. A modern cut and color are crucial, and the suit needs to fit well. We specialize in sharp styles that check those boxes, so buying one doesn’t require unlimited funds and deep research. But there are still a few small but impactful things you can do to make sure you’re truly dressed to impress in your tailoring. Here, in no particular order, are eight of them. (Follow them all and people will likely start following you in return.)


A well-tailored suit will always read as expensive because it will look like it was made just for you. One detail you really want to pay close attention to is the hem of your pants, which should have little to no “break” at the ankle. If you want to spend a few extra dollars, ask your tailor to add a cuff to the bottom while they’re at it. It’s a small upgrade that makes a big difference.

New Dress Socks

If your dress socks have been through the wash a hundred times, they’re probably showing their age in color and texture—and dragging down your suiting game as a result. Buy a couple of fresh pairs every season to keep your ankle game in sharp focus.


Nothing junks up a great suit like a cell phone, headphones, and a laptop bag that’s seen better days. Conversely, nothing adds luxe factor like a watch and a pair of handsome specs. Make sure your practical accessories look sharp and watch your tailoring game improve instantly.


Leave the extra wide and shiny ties to the showoffs—opt for something more understated instead. Go for a slim or medium-width tie depending on the size of your jacket lapel, and a design that leans more on texture than color to stand out. (A tie bar and a pocket square will also add swagger.)


A white shirt always looks sharp, but a monochromatic shirt will add a sense of depth that’s incredibly sophisticated. Feel free to play with patterns, too. As long as everything is in the same color family, it’ll look like a million dollars. Well, practically.


We’re all for suits and sneakers but if you want to take your suit from entry-level to upper-management, classic dress shoes are the only choice. Have them weatherproofed, reinforced, and regularly shined by a cobbler to keep your stock rising.  

A Signature Scent
This one’s a little out of the box, but you’d be surprised how well it works: cologne. A little goes a long way here, but nothing completes the “I’m a well-dressed guy” picture like subtle notes of amber, cedar, or bergamot.


No matter how savvy you are at putting together a complete outfit, a suit that’s been burned by an overzealous dry cleaner or looks like it came out of a pile of dirty clothes is not a good move. Check out our suiting care guides for notes on how to properly hang, launder, and travel with tailoring. (They’re painless, we promise.)