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How to Pack for the Perfect Winter Trip

How to Pack for the Perfect Winter Trip

Now that the holidays are officially over and you’ve made it through a marathon of parties, compulsory family time, and treating others with gifts on gifts, it’s about time you treat yourself to a real vacation. There are a million and one awesome adventures you can go on this time of year, but no matter where the road takes you, rocking the perfect outfit is key to maximizing the returns on your R&R. Whether it’s snowy hills or sandy shores, be sure to stock up on all the appropriate gear. And don’t worry, those New Year’s resolutions will still be here when you get back.


Hitting the Slopes

Bracing yourself for an action-packed ski trip is all about bundling up the right way. Start with a solid foundation of thermal tights that’ll keep your core nice and toasty, then build from there. You can’t go wrong with a classic ski-stripe sweater and technical parka. Top it all off with a pom beanie and you’re ready to shred. Don’t forget your sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.


New Year, New City

This one’s for all you urban explorers out there who are making their way around the world one metropolitan utopia at a time. The key to dressing the part is smart layering since you’ll most likely be bouncing in and out of museums, restaurants, and cafes during your trip. Go all in on a slick topcoat. It’s the perfect item for transitioning from day to night. Add a hoodie for extra warmth and a scarf for good measure.


Beach, Please

Snow and cityscapes not really your thing? Then brace yourself for a tropical paradise, complete with emerald-green water, powdery white beaches, and an unlimited supply of sunshine. Pack light with a range of super-soft crewneck tees and a couple pairs of swim trunks and drawstring shorts. Slip-on sneakers will be your best friend. They’re a notch above flip-flops but just as versatile. Add a few pops of color for a nice eye-catching touch. You never know who you’ll meet out there.


Staycation Vibes

Maybe you’re all traveled out after the holidays, or your family left you just plain exhausted. No sweat, why not opt for a quality staycation? Load up your itinerary with ample amounts of binge watching, napping, gaming, and more naps. If you really want to splurge, find the fanciest hotel in your hometown (make sure there’s an indoor pool, because why not?) and book a night or two. Check in with a weekend bag packed with your comfiest menswear: a hoodie, joggers or sweats, knit sneakers (in case you need to go on a snack run), and a cozy beanie. Rest, relaxation, and zero regrets.