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How to Pack a Suit In A Carry-On Bag

Whether you’re traveling to meet with clients or attend a destination wedding, packing a suit so it doesn’t get wrinkled is a skill worth mastering. After all, there are some creases even the hotel iron can’t fix—and who wants to spend their trip ironing anyway? To that end, here are two time-honored, Express-tested ways to get the job done right, depending on what kind of bag you’re traveling with. We’re partial to the roll method, not only because it allows you travel with just one bag—ideally, a ridiculously good-looking one—but also because it makes you feel a little bit like a globetrotting spy. Seriously, packing has never been this much fun.

Here’s how to sneak a suit into your carry-on without destroying it in the process.


Shoes in dust bags. Clothes rolled. Toiletries stowed.


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