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4 Coats Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet This Winter

By Lili Goksenin

We’re moving swiftly away from that time of year where “transitional outerwear” (you know, denim and moto jackets) will suffice to keep the dropping temps and wind at bay. It’s November, after all, which means it’s almost Thanksgiving and then, before you know it, the snowy holiday season will be upon us. While the holidays are always exciting, the colder months can sometimes feel like a fashion bummer—why put on a super stylish outfit if you’re just going to cover it up the moment you step out the door?

Well, we have a solution to that style conundrum: Very Cute Coats.  There are so many different kinds of stylish outerwear nowadays, we’d even recommend getting one of each so you can hit all your bases for every occasion. A puffer may not always be appropriate, while a peacoat hits your goes-with-everything needs but might not feel as of-the-moment. Below, find out our four favorite coat styles of the season, and four very snow-bunny ways to style them.