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Introducing Ubah Hassan

Introducing Ubah HassanPEOPLE WE LOVEYou were born in Somalia but left because of the civil war. Tell us how your journey brought you to where you are today.

Leaving my home country then relocating to a completely different continent has taught to me to be a very adaptable in the face of change.

In 2009, you starred in a video with Iman discussing diversity and race in modeling. Why did you feel it was important to do this?

When an icon calls and asks you to do anything, you make time for her! I didn’t know how hard it was to break through in the fashion industry, and even tougher for women of color. Iman brought the topic of diversity in fashion and how far behind we are to my attention, and hopefully through our video, we brought the topic to a wider audience.

While modeling keeps you busy, you really use your platform to be an advocate for social issues. What drives this passion?

Throughout my childhood I was raised and taught to always give back and look after others. My mother was really into helping her community, so she instilled the same values in the rest of our family.  So being generous and standing up for what’s right became second nature. And I’m very thankful for that, as I believe in  being generous and kind to others is a very major ingredient for your own happiness.

You’re an advocate for CCF, Cambodian Children’s Fund. Why is this charity close to your heart?

In Africa the children are usually raised by the community, not just the parents. And in my experience from my visit there, I didn’t really see that sense of community for these kids with no families, except for CCF. I was able to visit Cambodia through TOMS shoes, and I saw first-hand the incredible work they were doing with the kids. I appreciate the vision of CCF lead by Founder Scott Neeson.

Modeling has brought you to New York City. What do you love most about the city?

 I feel like I’m in a United Nation no matter where I am in New York City.

What advice do you have for girls looking to get into the modeling industry?

Do it because you love fashion, and make sure you have a strong sense of ‘I’m enough’ because it’s a very competitive industry, and it will really test your character. So you have to be confident in your own skin and know you are enough. Also, avoid comparing yourself to others. You are you, own it!

What do you like to do when you’re not busy modeling?

I love to cook for my friends and try new recipes every week, experimenting different foods. Also, learning how to play tennis, but that one’s not going to well!

What’s next for you? Tell us everything!

I’m actually working on a few secret projects that includes my love of cooking and teaching. Can’t wait to share the news soon! In the meantime, keep an eye on my Instagram for sneak peaks!

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