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Introducing The Expressionists, Ryan Greer

Introducing The Expressionists, Ryan GreerPEOPLE WE LOVEMeet the Expressionists! We have set out across the country to find out what’s inspiring America’s young dreamers, doers, movers and shakers. Check our interview with Ryan Greer below!

How do you like to express yourself?

Doing any kind of work in my studio is a part of my expression, from painting, to bag making, to taking photographs. Putting your hands and mind to anything creative is always going to be an expression of yourself.
How is denim a part of your everyday uniform?

I’m really incredibly rough on my clothing. For some people their old clothing goes out of style and never gets worn again. For me it literally falls apart from wear and tear. Denim is perfect for me because of its durability and the way that natural distressing can kind of personalize it to you and the work that you do.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done when wearing jeans?

Ahem. I’m a dad now so that means my current crazy in jeans consists of running through sprinklers with my son or crawling around through cardboard forts.
How did you get your start with leather working?

I grew up building things and had spent some time in art school and I was really interested in the kind of functionality of bags. I started basically knowing nothing and never having sewn or dealt with leather and I just learned by doing. I learned by making mistakes and being attentive enough to see and correct them.
What is the most rewarding part of doing what you do?

Creative control. Owning a project from its rough sketch to its final product and knowing that every stitch and proportion and decision is yours alone is incredibly fulfilling.
What is a career highlight so far?

13 years without a boss. It’s a struggle and a hussle but I think the fact of that is its own prolonged highlight.
Why do you love living in NY?

New York is one of the most inclusive and accepting cities that I’ve ever been too. There are exceptions but I think for the most part New Yorkers celebrate differences in a way that is truly unique.
What do you have coming up in the future?

My goal is the next few years is to push a little further into directing projects for other brands. From casting to art direction to product design. I like the idea of taking little breaks from my own work to tackle problems that feel unfamiliar and invigorating. I think the only way to keep growing creatively is to make yourself uncomfortable and then have to devise your way through it. I’d like to get really uncomfortable in the next few years.