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Meet Manon Mathews, the Absurdly Funny Insta-famous Comedian

Meet Manon Mathews, the Absurdly Funny Insta-famous Comedian

By: Lili Göksenin

Manon Mathews, normal girl, adorable brunette, recent New York City transplant (by way of Los Angeles) has something most of us don’t have: 500,000 followers on Instagram, almost 1 million on Facebook, and over 2 million views on a single FB video (it’s called “Trying to Find a Guy,” watch it). How did she get there? By nailing the world of strangely hilarious, perfectly weird, laugh-out-loud funny, 60-second videos.

Her personal brand of comedy is insightful and cutting even when it’s silly and ridiculous. One recent video (which received almost 300,000 views) features Mathews frolicking along a quiet street in L.A., listing all of the qualities she’s looking for in a man in 2018. The dude she describes sounds manifestly horrible. He doesn’t listen to her, he’s not financially independent, he blows her off. He does gross things I can’t even mention here.


BED HEAD: Just because you live in a cozy NYC apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the bed, and the stoops are particularly pretty. Left: black teecamo leggings, fairisle socks. Right: striped blazerdenimboots

It’s an LOL-take on a particular cultural moment, light-hearted commentary on something slightly dark. Manon leans into the absurdity of it all, and her videos work because they are hands down, undeniably, patently absurd.

“My videos are all off-the-cuff,” said Mathews recently. “I improvise.” She’s serious about improv, and she loves it. “I like coming up with things in the moment because for me, that’s when things are most honest.” Not surprisingly, Mathews is trained in silliness, even leaving college in her third year to continue studying the form of comedy that made ladies like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey famous. “I wasn’t in an academic place,” she explains, “I really wanted to play.”


WHITE HOT: House-lounging is cooler in an embellished sweatshirt and ultra-flattering leggings. On Manon: lace-up sweatshirt, black-and-white leggings

And one visit to her bustling Instagram page proves that Mathews has made an art of playing. “When things are too rehearsed something gets lost,” she says. “I laugh the most when I surprise myself!”

Now she’s moved to New York from L.A. to clear her chi. “I felt like I was carrying a lot in LA,” she says, “not physically, ha ha, but emotionally.” She needed to get out of her comfort zone, work on herself, be less comfortable. “Yes, New York has made me stronger. After all, I have to walk up 5 flights of stairs every day!”


We checked in with Mathews to see what a young comedian does when she’s by herself in the mornings. Is everything about her life hilarious, even brushing her teeth? Turns out, well, sorta. She’s dedicated to self-care just like the rest of us, checking in with herself, meditating, writing in her journal. Generally, she’s getting herself to a mental place that’s clear and calm so that the funny has space to come out.

“I like having room for living and connecting with people. I’m not always on my phone despite always being on other people’s phones.”  Other than that, she has two main rules for her morning routine: coffee and dancing.

“I dance in my apartment because it helps me wake up and get into a good mood,” she says, seriously. “Sometimes I film it maybe inspire someone else to do the same.” We caught her in the act of dancing while getting ready for a day in her appropriately snug Manhattan apartment. Check out Mathew’s morning routine below—maybe it will inspire you!


LEFT TO RIGHT: Oversized Blazer, High Waisted Distressed Jeans, Express One Eleven London Tee