Express Live With The Shelters


If Tom Petty gives you the keys to his studio, you take them.

And if you’re The Shelters, you use that time to create a debut rock ‘n’ roll album that Petty himself might want to listen to. The significance of this unique experience certainly wasn’t lost on the band.

As guitarist Josh Jove told Baeble Music, “We were able to work with Tom [Petty] pretty early in the process, once we had developed a handful of songs that we felt were worthy for him to hear […] Working with him was a total dream, I mean, he’s such a legend in the business. So he has lots of good pointers to give and everything from musical advice, you know lyrical advice, song structure advice, to the business side of things, he’s constantly just pouring out wisdom.”

The band’s self-titled album kicks off with “Rebel Heart,” a ‘60s-inspired guitar-jangling track that invokes a nostalgic rock ‘n’ roll spirit. While The Shelters pay homage to the early days of rock, they also wade into the lonesome blues on tracks like “Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ Bout That Girl,” and give a nod to ‘70s garage rock on tracks like “Never Look Behind Ya.”

We love how The Shelters boldly create natural, raw, rough-around-the-edges music in a time when so many artists are abandoning traditional instrumentation for electronic sounds and techniques. In a word, The Shelters’ music is honest.

The Shelters will be on tour in the U.S. this summer and fall, interrupted by a few weeks in Europe that will conclude with a quick string of three dates in Italy with The Lumineers. Stateside, festival appearances include Forescastle Festival (Louisville, KY), Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL), and Lost Lake Festival (Phoenix, AZ).

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