Express Live With Saint Motel


Pop quiz. What do The Doors and Saint Motel have in common?

You’re not going to catch it on first listen… or any listen for that matter. Both bands formed while attending film school in Southern California. Like many iconic acts before them (The Talking Heads, Devo, Queen, R.E.M., U2…) Saint Motel was brought to life by college classmates. It didn’t take long for film school duo A/J Jackson and Aaron Sharp to discover their other halves in Greg Erwin and Dak Lerdamornpong. In 2009 a bright, new dream pop aesthetic was born with the group’s debut EP, ForPlay.

Today, Saint Motel has evolved into an indie funk powerhouse, laying down track after track of catchy, toe-tapping, head-bobbing, guaranteed-to-get-stuck-in-your-head tunes.

While the music speaks for itself, the band takes its sound to new heights through wildly inventive video concepts (film school, what do you expect?). Take, for example, the interactive 360º video for their recent single “Move,” which drops the viewer into the middle of a disco ball-decked dance floor straight out of ‘70s. While their musical style and full-on embracement of new video tech constantly points straight ahead, their videos tend toward a nostalgic view of old, fuzzy analog TV shows – stark lighting, fast camera zooms and all.

Fun, energetic, and upbeat, we expect to hear a lot more of Saint Motel this summer! Cuts from their latest release, saintmotelevision, are sure to show up on party playlists and road trip mixes in the months ahead. So, what’s next for the band? You can catch Saint Motel on tour the rest of the summer and fall throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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